Tuesday Night Pandemonium – 7th December 2021

Pandemonium is indeed breaking loose, wrestling fans, particularly in that e-mail thread about CM Punk and The Miz.  Holy mackerel, are some of our regular posters all bent outta shape!

On this day in 1989 we lost one of the original behemoths of professional wrestling, William ‘Haystacks’ Calhoun.  A tremendous attraction throughout his illustrious career, ‘Haystacks’ once captured WWWF Tag-Team gold, joining forces with Tony Garea to defeat Prof. Toru Tanaka and ‘The Devious One’ Mr. Fuji in 1973.  Take a look at the big man in action, as he clashed with ‘Nature Boy’ Buddy Rogers in a sold-out Chicago International Ampitheatre in 1961.  I think it’s safe to say that Haystacks competed in some of the earliest matches on record where the ring had to be reinforced.