Punk vs. Danielson via gunfighters

Dear Scott,

Having watched Old West movies a lot with my uncle, does the story arc with Punk vs. Danielson seem like one? In the sense that Danielson is a wrestler who has kept his skills sharp and therefore is able to dominate just about anyone and this is fueling his arrogance.

Meanwhile, Punk is coming back after a layoff. His physical attributes are rusty, but the skills and experience get him by for now. Could it turn into Punk having to reluctantly tap into some hidden will to fight his old friend Danielson, and who would be the one to bring that out?
Hey, you know Turner has a hell of a movie catalog to draw from if they want to go in that direction.  Punk is 100% doing the reluctant gunfighter drawn out of retirement deal, though and I bet he's seen Unforgiven a few times.