Monday Night Raw – December 6, 2021

Monday Night Raw
Date: December 6, 2021
Location: FedExForum, Memphis, Tennessee
Commentators: Jimmy Smith, Corey Graves, Byron Saxton

It’s a double main event week as have not just a title match but also a steel cage match to go with it. First up, Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch will defend her title against Liv Morgan in a match that has been treated as a big deal. Then Big E. will face Kevin Owens in a cage, which should be a heck of a spectacle. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of the end of last week’s show, with Seth Rollins attacking Kevin Owens, setting up Day 1’s triple threat match for the WWE Title.

Seth Rollins is ready for tonight’s cage match because it will make things ready for Day 1.

Big E. is ready to go to war with Kevin Owens in a cage.

Kevin Owens is ready to win tonight and then take the title at Day 1.

Kevin Owens vs. Big E.

Non-title in a cage. Owens goes straight for the door to start and then gets crotched on the top. Big E. chases him up top and shoves Owens’ head into the cage for a bit of pain. With that escape attempt cut off, Owens is sent into the cage a few times, only to have Owens do it to him as well.

We take a break and come back with Owens hitting a backsplash for two. They trade rams into the cage with Owens going up, where he has to take Big E. down with sunset bomb. Big E. is back up with some belly to belly suplexes but Owens bails before the Warrior Splash can hit. A superkick knocks Big E. into the corner, setting up Owens’ Cannonball. Owens slaps on a Boston crab of all things but Big E. powers out and goes for the door. Cue Seth Rollins to slam the door on both of their heads though and we take another break.

Back again with Big E. catching him on top but not being able to hit a super Big Ending. Instead, Owens hits the bullfrog splash for two, setting up the sitout Pop Up powerbomb for two more. Owens goes up again butt his time it’s the super Big Ending to bring him crashing back down. Big E. goes for the door instead of covering and Owens grabs the boot. Not that it matters as Big E. kicks him away and escapes for the win at 20:06.

Rating: B-. This got a lot of time and felt like a showdown, but it wasn’t quite the great match. Rollins interfering was completely expected and makes sense, though his interference didn’t really change anything. At least it was nice to have a big time match on Raw though, even if it still feels weird to have a cage match set up a triple threat.

Post match Rollins jumps both of them (with the cage being raised in record time) but Big E. suplexes Rollins to save Owens from the Stomp. The Big Ending leaves Owens laying.

Post break, all three are still down, as Bobby Lashley had run in and attacked the trio during the break.

Here are Queen Zelina and Carmella for a chat, with Vega wondering why the people aren’t cheering. Would you rather be cheering for that fake superhero Nikki Ash?

Nikki Ash vs. Queen Zelina

Carmella and Rhea Ripley are here too. Vega knocks her down to start and rams Nikki’s face into the apron a few times. Nikki knocks her down but misses a high crossbody, allowing Vega to hit the Code Red for the pin at 2:06.

RKBro is ready for the RKBronament, which is either a tag team tournament or a tournament of their favorite Christmas movies. Riddle doesn’t want to talk about how Home Alone changed his life but he has a matching blazer for Orton to wear.

Nikki Ash is all upset, despite what Rhea Ripley says. A fan comes up to ask for an autograph, but means Jerry Lawler, who is behind them. Lawler says that was a tough loss and offers Nikki an autograph to cheer her up. Nikki leaves, with Lawler asking if it was something he said.

RKBronemant First Round: AJ Styles/Omos vs. Street Profits

RKBro is at ringside, in matching blazers of course, with Riddle on commentary. During the entrance, we get an inset promo from the Profits, promising to win. Ford dropkicks Styles down to start and Dawkins hits one of his own, setting up a splash for two. AJ knocks Ford outside though and there’s a slingshot Phenomenal Forearm to drop Dawkins on the floor as we take a break.

Back with Omos working over Dawkins and handing it back to Styles to do the same. Dawkins gets in a shot of his own though and it’s back to Ford to start cleaning house. An enziguri staggers Styles but he gets a boot up in the corner. Ford knocks him down again though and goes over to slap Omos, with Dawkins adding one of his own.

A double dropkick sends Omos outside but Styles his a pair of enziguris. Styles brainbusters Ford but doesn’t cover, instead loading up the Phenomenal Forearm. Omos tags himself in mid-springboard though and goes after Dawkins on the floor. Ford dives onto Omos, who drops him onto the apron. Dawkins has to be beaten up as well though and that’s enough for the countout to give the Profits the win at 9:43.

Rating: C+. They had a faster paced match here though it seems we might be done with Omos/Styles as a team. That might not be the worst thing in the world as there is nothing left for the team to do, but Omos on his own could be quite the risk at the moment. It could be interesting though, and I can get why you would want to take such a risk.

Post match AJ yells at Omos, who walks off on his own. Riddle gets in the ring to ask for a word on these breaking events, which has AJ almost confused. Riddle asks again and AJ asks if this is Dateline. AJ says he and Omos are a great team, but Riddle wouldn’t know anything about that before leaving in a huff. When asked for a comment, Orton says nope.

Becky Lynch says this is a big night for Liv Morgan, who is coming in with a bunch of momentum. Morgan already punched her in the face and now there is a new bandwagon to jump on. For Becky though, it’s just another night on Raw.

Riddle talks about what an emotional roller coaster tonight should be for the people, but Orton says his broadcasting days are over. It’s all on Riddle, who gets a second blazer.

US Title: Damian Priest vs. Robert Roode

Roode, with Dolph Ziggler in his corner, is defending. Priest powers him into the corner to start and hits some knees to the ribs. A kick to the back sets up a right hand to the jaw as Roode is in trouble to start. They head outside though and Roode sends him into the barricade as we take a break.

Back with Priest slugging away and hitting the Broken Arrow for two. Roode hits a Backstabber for two, followed by the spinning spinebuster for the same. Priest isn’t having any of this and comes right back with some shots to the face. The Reckoning is countered into a rollup but the second attempt is enough to retain Priest’s title at 9:37.

Rating: C. Priest stacking up another win is always a good thing to see and that’s what he got here. Roode is someone who still has some value so it makes a different for Priest to beat him. If nothing else, it is good to have Priest on the show and getting to do something instead of just sitting around and padding his reign as champion without ever defending the belt.

Post match Ziggler superkicks Priest, because you can’t have Priest face one of them without facing the other.

We look back at Doudrop laying out Bianca Belair, only to be laid out herself.

Bianca Belair vs. Doudrop

Doudrop runs her over from behind before the bell and we start after a break. After a video on Lita vs. Trish Stratus headlining Raw 17 years ago to the day, Belair goes right at her to start and Doudrop is staggered early. A backsplash gets Belair out of trouble though and it’s a cobra clutch to keep her down. Doudrop clotheslines her out of the corner for two but Belair powers her into the corner. They fight to the apron with Belair slipping back in and forearming away to little avail.

Instead a running handspring….to the ropes, as I don’t think it actually hit Doudrop, sends her outside. Belair follows her outside though and gets crushed as we take a break. Back with Belair not being able to hit a suplex but being able to hit a spinebuster to plant Doudrop. A middle rope crossbody gives Belair two but a sunset flip earns her a sitdown splash. Doudrop’s Vader Bomb gets two so she gets serious by going after Belair’s hair. The Cannonball misses though and Belair tries the KOD, which sends Doudrop bailing to the floor for the countout out 12:59.

Rating: C. Belair’s power is scary as always but this feud hasn’t done much for me so far. It’s your run of the mill bullying deal and that is only going to get them so far when Belair hasn’t backed down at all and can hang in the ring with Doudrop’s power. In theory this should be blown off with Belair getting the definitive win at Day 1, and that’s probably best for everyone.

We look back at Vince McMahon slapping Austin Theory last week.

Theory comes in to see Vince again, with Vince explaining that no one cares when they ask how he is doing. Vince is putting him in a match tonight, which works for Theory. Vince asks if Theory expected it, which Theory didn’t. That’s not cool with Vince and sneering ensues. Always nice to see Austin and Vince together.

Smackdown Rebound.

It’s time for MizTV, sans Maryse, who doesn’t come to towns like Memphis. Miz has been watching last week’s showdown with Edge and thinks Edge is his old self. Or is he? Miz brings out Edge as his guest, with Edge calling him Mike. Miz thinks Edge was weak for not spearing him out of his $9000 shoes last week, but Edge can’t believe those shoes cost that much.

Edge tells him to not mistake the kindness for weakness, which sends Miz into a rant about how he needed some kindness when he debuted in 2006. Don’t pretend that he was treated badly for eating chicken in the locker room, because it was over everyone being scared of his it factor. He was a celebrity and more famous than most of the roster but Edge wasn’t there for him. That makes Edge bring up pulling Miz aside in this very building and telling him to get through it because he had something.

Miz blew him off then, even though Edge went through the same thing seven years earlier. Edge doesn’t see these things as problems like Mike does, because he needs to look in the mirror. That mirror will tell Miz that he is an a**, which has Miz saying Edge is scared of him. Miz says 2022 will be his year, so the challenge is on for January 1. Edge is in, but Miz bails from a challenge for tonight. The threat of a single right hand has Miz dropping to his back though, and Edge knows he’s afraid.

Liv Morgan is ready to win the Women’s Title.

RKBronament First Round: Alpha Academy vs. Mysterios

Riddle is on commentary again. Gable takes Dominik to the mat to start but Dominik is back up with a shot to the face. You don’t do that to Gable, who wrestles him down and puts on a half crab. Back up and Gable stays on the leg with a dragon screw legwhip out of the corner. Gable misses a moonsault though and Dominik grabs a rollup for the pin at 3:14. Otis was never in the match.

Rating: C-. This was basically a singles match with managers on the apron, though having Otis stay out of the match makes sense for the Mysterios. It makes him look like that much bigger of a force, though it does mean having to watch the Mysterios team again. They just aren’t interesting as a team and the level of care I can muster for them falls every single week.

Post match Riddle goes to interview the Alpha Academy, with Otis running him over.

Austin Theory is warming up in Vince McMahon’s office but Vince says he won’t be having a match tonight. Instead, Vince wants Theory to come up with another way to impress him. Theory unzips his vest and does more jumping jacks. Vince: “STOP!” Vince tells him to come up with something using his brains and Theory leaves.

Finn Balor vs. T-Bar

Balor goes straight at him to start but gets thrown down with raw power. Some knees to the ribs set up a chinlock with a knee in Balor’s back. The chokeslam is countered into a rollup for two, followed by Balor’s jumping double stomp to the ribs. The Sling Blade drops Priest again and Balor goes up, only to have to shove T-Bar off the top. That’s enough to set up the Coup de Grace for the pin at 3:33.

Rating: C. It’s good to see Balor getting a win and it’s good to see T-Bar getting a match against a high level opponent, but dang it’s amazing to see how far T-Bar has fallen since NXT. Balor vs. Dominik Dijakovic sounds like an awesome Takeover level match but instead we get this, which was just ok. WWE has just let T-Bar down and I don’t see him bouncing back anytime soon.

Post match Austin Theory jumps Balor and gets the required picture.

The 24/7 goons aren’t sure if they can try to pin Dana Brooke, because it might not be PG. Tamina chases Brooke off.

We look back at Bobby Lashley jumping Big E. to leave the Day 1 triple threat laying.

MVP says Bobby Lashley was disrespected and Lashley doesn’t like it.

Video on Liv Morgan.

Raw Women’s Title: Liv Morgan vs. Becky Lynch

Liv is challenging and this does feel big. Lynch runs her over to start but has to bail to the floor from the threat of Oblivion. Back in and Liv grabs a headlock but has to spin out to grab a backslide for two. Some running knees to the face put Lynch on the floor and a nervous Liv hits a suicide dive. Liv heads up top but gets caught on top, meaning it’s a superplex to bring her back down.

We take a break and come back with Becky grabbing a reverse chinlock. That’s broken up so Becky hits a reverse DDT for two and a hard whip into the corner rocks Liv again. She comes back with an enziguri but misses Oblivion. Instead a springboard spinning Codebreaker (cool) gets two on Becky and Liv follows up with a missile dropkick for the same. The Rings of Saturn has Becky in more trouble but she reverses into the Disarm-Her. That’s reversed into an exchange of rollups but Becky grabs the rope to retain at 14:56.

Rating: B-. This was getting good by the end and the ending, while a bit deflating, does leave the door open for a rematch, perhaps at the pay per view. WWE has something with Morgan and it would not surprise me to see her win the title one day (or maybe Day 1) fairly soon. Becky seems to be surviving more and more as champion and that is going to catch up to her.

Overall Rating: C+. Raw can do a lot of things, and this is the kind of show that can be so frustrating. It felt like they were trying for a lot of the show and that makes all the difference in the world. There were nowhere near as many stupid hijinks tonight and you had two big matches to bookend the show. They had some solid matches and set up some things for the pay per view without making me mad. It is far from a great or even exciting show, but this was miles ahead of what Raw has been, because they still do know what they’re doing and can cut out the nonsense when they want to.

Big E. b. Kevin Owens – Big E. escaped the cage
Queen Zelina b. Nikki Ash – Code Red
Street Profits b. AJ Styles/Omos via countout
Damian Priest b. Robert Roode – Reckoning
Bianca Belair b. Doudrop via countout
Mysterios b. Alpha Academy – Rollup to Gable
Finn Balor b. T-Bar – Coup de Grace
Becky Lynch b. Liv Morgan – Rollup while grabbing the rope




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