Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 6th December 2021

Happy Monday Everyone!

Typical Dolphins. Lose 7 and then actually start winning long past the point it could do any good. No wonder they used to make Hootie cry

Scheduled on the Blog: Scott and Thomas have the War Games reviews posted. Later on we’ve got Joshi Spotlight and What The World Was Watching from J and L. I’m sure we’ll have some Rock Star Gary on the horizon as well

News from Cultaholic

War Games was last night

Will read reviews and might watch some of it if it’s getting a positive buzz

Matt Cardona is now National Wrestle

I’m betting the Colby Corino Vs Doug Williams match on that show was great provided they actually got some time to work with

Mike Jeavons is doing a week on Pizza. Pray for his arteries

Have a gooden everyone!