Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 5th December 2021

Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 5th December 2021

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Haven’t seen the NWA pay per view, but at 13 matches long it’s either going to be a super long show or one filled with really short matches. Neither scenario strikes me as the best way to run a big pay per view event, but what do I know eh?

Scheduled today on the Blog:  Thomas has reviewed some more WWE from 2007. Scott has got a review of a show I don’t think I’ve ever heard of later on today. I’ve got a review of a Catalyst Wrestling iPPV from September set to be posted later

News from Cultaholic

Cage Match on Raw

Sounds like the sort of booking you’d get in one of those Smackdown Vs Raw Video Games

Ultimo Dragon Vs Super Crazy to wrestle in 2022

The ability of Lucha guys to just keep going never fails to amaze me. Easier when you’re rolling and not taking actual bumps I guess

Abroad in Japan is hated over on Amazon

Have a gooden everyone!