Hi Scott, hope you are well.

Let's suppose Uncle Tony threw enough money, drugs and snack bison at WALTER to get him to AEW. First off, how long and loud would you be squealing with joy? And secondly, would you use him like AEW's version of Brock Lesnar, or would you go in a different direction for the guy (presuming you don't want Dustin to put a gold wig on him)? If nothing else, he would be fun to see as the guy to finally put MJF or the Young Bucks in their place. Thoughts?

Again though, it's not money for WALTER, it's that he doesn't want to travel outside of Europe on a regular basis.  If he did suddenly decide to do so, I'd use him as Brock Lesnar.  And yes, I'd probably squeal with joy as well.