Final Countdown?

Hey There,

I've really been enjoying the recent character change for Bryan Danielson; kind of a nice blend between indies Bryan Danielson & Planet Champion Daniel Bryan.

That said, there's been a lot of chatter that this was too abrupt of a change that made no sense or that this is an adlib course correct to fill the role that Moxley was going to do, given how he had a more developing apparent turn upcoming.

However, there is evidence that Bryan was going this way all along: where as Punk came in with a “I want to work & build all the young talent”mindset, Bryan from Day 1 has been more “I'm here to kick heads in” and finishing a lot of matches without the typical established moveset.

Do you think this was the plan with Bryan Danielson's character all along, at roughly the same pace? Think this was the eventual plan, but accelerated because of the Moxley situation? Or a complete modification roughly at the last minute?

I think it was roughly the plan all along and got accelerated by Moxley's issues.  While TK has shown an ability to shift gears when need be, most of the stuff seems to shake down exactly how it was planned in the long term.