Cody and More Thoughts

Love AEW but specifically Dynamite, PPVs, some Rampage and their building of storylines. Don’t watch any YouTube stuff.

Tonight’s Dynamite was weird. What’s up with Cole coming up and then Orange just showing up and an angle?  The Britt Baker s--- with MJF was cringe worthy.  Not great Bob.

Ok and the worst Cody.  And yeah he wrestled someone. Arn took a bad blotch bump.  The crap on Codys back the whole time which commentary kept trying to talk away or make fun of was fire retardant s--- and was weird. He had a “home” match for him so let bring Brandy back and then have a badly blotched fire end spot to show how tough he is? How he a baby face?? Nothing with his character makes sense and without the home crowd this would have been a shitshow of boos.

AEW is so good at flowing with fans response but the Cody s--- is terrible. It’s been said but he dresses and acts like the Homelander.

This has to end but no end in sight.

The Orange thing was really weird.  They definitely had an off show, but they’ve built up a lot of goodwill credits with the fan base and can cash some of it in now and then.  Unlike WWE who are basically in debt collection from the fan base at this point.