Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 1st December 2021

Happy Wednesday Everyone

It’s the Merseyside Derby today and it’ll probably be a disaster if you support the Blue side of the divide as I do. Not looking forward to this one.

It’s also the first day of Wham-a-geddon if you bother doing that every year. Good luck for all those taking part

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott and Thomas have the NXT 2.0 reviews. Andy has the AEW Dark review. Later on it’s more classic ROH from me. Jabroniville has got some more Dream Matches. Logan has our WWF from 1990 covered

News from Cultaholic

Ricochet has no plans to turn Heel

I’m not really sure it’s his call to be honest

Triple H and Undertaker to show up in next series of Young Rock

Casting actors to play those two guys is going to be an interesting process

Bryan & Vinny & Craig Discuss Flair Vs Perfect

Have a gooden everyone!