NXT UK – November 25, 2021

Date: November 25, 2021
Location: BT Sports Studios, London, England
Commentators: Nigel McGuinness, Andy Shepherd

Things might be picking up a bit this week as we have another title match. This time around, the Heritage Cup is on the line as Sam Gradwell is challenging new champion Noam Dar. Other than that, we are well on our way to next week’s NXT UK Title match between Ilja Dragunov and Rampage Brown. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Jordan Devlin vs. Mark Andrews

In the back, Flash Morgan Webster tells Andrews to not worry about the missing Dani Luna. Devlin takes him down to start and slaps the back of Andrews’ head for a bit. That’s enough to send Andrews into a frenzy and a bunch of strikes to the face put Devlin down for a change. A hurricanrana gets two on Devlin but he’s right back with a slingshot hilo. Devlin kicks him in the back of the head and stomps away at the back, setting up a backbreaker. A hard clothesline gets two and we hit the chinlock with a knee in Andrews’ back. Andrews fights up and hits a tornado DDT, setting up an enziguri.

Back up and Devlin tries a jumping hurricanrana but gets caught in a sitout powerbomb for two. Devlin gets sent to the apron but slingshots right back in with a cutter for two of his own. Andrews is sat on top but reverses into a super poisonrana, setting up a Code Red for his own near fall. Devlin is sent outside so Andrews can hit a dive for the big crash. They head back inside where Devlin gets in a shot to the face, setting up the Devlin Side for the fast pin at 9:47.

Rating: B-. These are two of the better young stars around here and it is often a good idea to let them have some time to show off a bit. I still think Devlin could be a big star around here but he seems to be stuck around the same spot. Andrews is someone who seems like he is going to be around the same level for good as well, but he has been upgrading it a bit in recent weeks.

Andrews seems a bit banged up.

We look at Charlie Dempsey joining Teoman and Rohan Raja to beat down Gallus last week.

In two weeks: Moustache Mountain vs. Pretty Deadly.

We look back at Noam Dar and Sha Samuels annoying Sam Gradwell.

This week: Noam Dar and Sha Samuels annoyed Sam Gradwell again, this time with a loud party.

Sam Gradwell and Noam Dar/Sha Samuels yell at each other. Johnny Saint actually appears to make the Heritage Cup Title match for tonight’s main event.

Isla Dawn vs. Aleah James

Dawn goes after the arm to start (as a witch tends to do) but Aleah spins around to grab a headlock. James’ throat is snapped across the top rope though and a running kick to the chest gets two. A legsweep takes James down and we hit the cobra clutch. That’s broken up and James grabs a small package for two, which just seems to annoy Dawn. Instead, it’s a fireman’s carry spun into a side slam to give Dawn the pin at 4:19.

Rating: C. Dawn’s fairly slow rise continues as she claims another victim. It took a long time to go anywhere with the witch stuff and her collection deal works well. James is certainly someone I could see then turning into a longer term project as she is showing a good deal of potential.

Post match, Dawn opens her box and returns James’ hair ribbon.

Xia Brookside complains to Sid Scala about her lack of title shot, despite HER DADDY intervening. Scala makes the match for next week, which doesn’t please her either because that’s not enough time to prepare. It’s either then or never, so Brookside begrudgingly accepts.

Moustache Mountain is ready for Pretty Deadly.

Pretty Deadly is ready for Moustache Mountain.

Dani Luna vs. Angel Hayze

Hold on though as here is Jinny to say there is no Dani Luna, who will be gone for a long time. Her business relationship with Joseph Conners is OVER, but she is ready to restart her winning streak.

Jinny vs. Angel Hayze

Jinny drives knees into the ribs to start and hits Hayze in the face for daring to fight back. The chinlock goes on but Hayze fights back up with some strikes of her own. A clothesline cuts Hayze down again and the Makeover gives Jinny the pin at 2:39. Total squash.

Nina Samuels interrupts Meiko Satomura’s training to ask if she’s ready for next week’s title match. Satomura is not amused.

Noam Dar and Sha Samuels cover up the names of the other winners on the Heritage Cup.

Video on Ilja Dragunov vs. Rampage Brown for the United Kingdom Title, with the match coming in two weeks.

Kenny Williams mocks Subculture for being hurt again.

Heritage Cup: Noam Dar vs. Sam Gradwell

Dar, with Sha Samuels, is defending. Round one begins with Dar taking a shot from Samuels’ hip flask and then grabbing a headlock. A pull of hair lets Dar stay in control but Gradwell is back up with a shot to the face. Gradwell grabs him by the ear and hits him in the face, setting up a Samoan driver for the pin and the first round at 2:42.

Round two begins with Samuels carrying Dar to the floor for the bell, but the goldbricking Dar grabs a small package for two. Gradwell isn’t having that and hits a clothesline into a backdrop, with Dar heading outside out of desperation. Dar manages to send him into the apron though, setting up a spinning elbow to the face back inside. The Nova Roller ties it up at 1:35 of the round and 4:53 total.

Round three begins with Dar knocking him down again and working on the arm while kneeing him in the ribs. Gradwell manages to get in a hard knee but Dar pulls him down into a kneebar. A lot of screaming ensues until the round ends to save Gradwell, who was in a lot of trouble.

Round four begins with Dar jumping the injured Gradwell in the corner. Samuels gets in a cheap shot as well and Dar’s running forearm to the back of the head gets two. Gradwell kneels him in the ribs but Dar kicks the leg out again. Another Samuels distraction doesn’t work so Gradwell rolls him up for two, earning himself another kick to the head. The kneebar makes Gradwell tap to retain Dar’s title at 2:54 of the round and 11:55.

Rating: B-. This was a well put together match with Gradwell being the crazed monster who got picked apart by a mixture of Dar and Samuels. Dar is a good choice for the cocky champion that everyone knows they should be able to beat but just can’t pull it off. The match felt like a main event and it was a good way to get Dar’s first title defense down.

Overall Rating: B-. More good stuff from NXT UK as they feel so together with everything they do. Nothing comes off like it is being made on the fly and you get solid action thrown in. The main event and the opener were both rather nice TV matches and Dawn gets to change things a bit. They’ve got some matches set up for the upcoming weeks as well so it’s hard to complain about much here.




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