Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 30th November 2021

Happy Tuesday Everyone

As if we’re already at the end of November. This year has flown by

Hope everyone is doing okay and you haven’t come across that new strain. Thoughts with you if you have. The Backseat Boys Reunion Tour just keeps going doesn’t it?

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott has got some WWF Old School for us. Thomas has provided the Raw review. Andy has the AEW Elevation review

News from Cultaholic

WWE may have culled Daddy’s Girl gimmick

I never saw one of those vignettes, so I can’t personally comment as to the level of disagreeableness of them, but if they’ve received push back then at least they seem to have taken it on board I guess

Bryan Danielson up for wrestling CM Punk

I’m sure they’ll be capable of having a passable wrestling bout…

Game Grumps don’t want you to touch the button

Have a gooden everyone!