Where’s my writer’s contract?

One of the comments in a thread the other day about Lesnar’s suspension being lifted got me going down a rabbit hole. Here’s what SHOULD happen.

Lesnar’s suspension stands. Meanwhile, Otis over on Raw gets tired of being…whatever Gable has made him into, destroys Gable and quits. A couple weeks later, the Bloodline issue an open challenge to any team they haven’t beaten, but with the catch that if you don’t win, the person that gets pinned is fired. Otis, newly signed to SD, teams up with, eh…doesn’t matter, what matters is, the Usos engage in shenanigans and Otis is pinned. He swears this isn’t the last they’ve heard of him, but he’s fired.

Couple weeks later…same challenge. Out comes a masked man – who is clearly Otis – identifying himself as “Meat Machine.” The Usos protest, but he wins on the technicality that they cannot prove he’s Otis. They then ask who would be dumb enough to risk their career to team with him, and out comes a huge guy in a mask with a sword tat in his chest, Beast Machine. The team of Heavier Machinery win the tag titles.

The Usos and Reigns are furious and demand a rematch with the titles and the masks on the line. Heavier Machinery agrees, but in exchange if they win again, Otis and Lesnar are reinstated. They win. After the match, Reigns comes in for the 3-on-2 beat down, but Lesnar unmasks and whoops his ass, setting up the Universal title match.

It should go without saying, but during this entire thing, Beast Machine is dancing and goofing around just as much as Otis. Maybe he even has a boom box he calls the Beast Box or Meat Box or something.

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