ECW On Sci Fi – June 26, 2007

ECW on Sci Fi
Date: June 26, 2007
Location: AT&T Center, San Antonio, Texas
Commentators: Joey Styles, Tazz

Then everything changed again, as it became clear that Chris Benoit had killed his wife and son. As a result, Benoit will more or less be erased from wrestling history and everything will move on at normal speed. The Vince McMahon limo story is gone but we do have a new ECW World Champion in Johnny Nitro. Let’s get to it.

Vince McMahon joins us to talk about last night’s tribute to Chris Benoit. Now the facts are apparent though and aside from this statement, there will be no mention of Benoit tonight. This show is dedicated to those affected by this tragedy and now the WWE stars will entertain you.

John Cena vs. Johnny Nitro

Non-title. Cena grabs a headlock to start and takes him to the mat to switch it into a chinlock. The STFU attempt sends Nitro bailing to the rope so Cena goes with the release fisherman’s suplex for two instead. Back up and Cena misses the flying shoulder, sending him crashing out to the floor.

A hard whip sends Cena into the steps and it’s time for Nitro to hammer away back inside. Nitro hits his own really hard clothesline but Cena nails a bulldog for a breather. Cena gets knocked outside in a heap though and we take a break. Back with Cena blocking a superplex attempt but getting dropkicked off the top and out to the floor in a heap.

Nitro hammers away but Cena keeps getting to his feet and glaring at him, setting up the ProtoBomb. The Shuffle connects but Nitro flips out of the FU and scores with a superkick. Nitro grabs a sleeper with a grapevine but Cena is back with the Throwback. The top rope Fameasser sets up the STFU to make Nitro tap.

Rating: B-. Nitro got in a lot of good offense and was able to showcase himself a lot before losing in the end. I know this is a last second deal and they wanted some star power on the show to get things going, but I’m not sure how smart it is to have Nitro lose in his first appearance as champion. Losing to Cena isn’t a soul crushing moment, but I’m not sure how necessary this was.

Here is Roddy Piper for a surprise. Piper says he’s never been in ECW before but he doesn’t consider you hardcore unless you have….dated sweaty Betty? Or if you haven’t had your hearing away with a dog collar. Cue Matt Striker to interrupt, and he’s got a cake. Piper knows he’s a teacher but says he’s no sex education teacher. Striker says it’s that wit which makes it an honor to be in the ring with him.

The cake is brought in because it happens to be Striker’s birthday. Striker suggests that there would be a lot more candles on the cake if it was Piper’s birthday, but he’s Striker’s all time favorite. Piper is asked to sing Happy Birthday, but wants the fans to help him out. Piper: “Let’s sing Happy Birthday to the mark!” Matt: “It’s Matt.” Piper: “Yeah mark.” We get a rather aggressive Happy Birthday and the cake goes into Striker’s face. Piper leaves and here is the Boogeyman for a birthday worming.

The Miz is coming.

Joey Styles can’t do the HOO-RAH!

We look back at Johnny Nitro winning the ECW World Title at Vengeance.

A banged up Johnny Nitro says he has a cold and a fever but he was brave enough to compete out there. He’s ready for whoever wins tonight’s #1 contenders match. This was more serious from Nitro and that’s a good thing.

Elijah Burke vs. CM Punk

2/3 falls and the winner gets a future World Title shot. Punk grabs a headlock for that clandestine Punk spot calling before taking him down to work on the leg. The headlock goes back on before Punk snaps off some hiptosses. Back up and Burke hits some hard forearms, only to be taken right back down. A legdrop gives Punk two but Burke is back with a front facelock to change it up a bit.

Punk gets dropped face first onto the top turnbuckle but comes back with a leg lariat for two. Burke knocks him into the corner though and a quick Elijah Express gives Burke the first fall. With Punk down, Burke is right back on him with right hands to the head before low bridging him out to the floor. Punk pulls himself back up and slingshots in for a rollup and the second fall to tie it up.

We take a break and come back with Burke cranking on both arms and Punk shouting NO. Punk fights up but gets pulled out of the corner for a hard crash. The handstand elbow out of the corner misses for Burke so he goes with a sliding forearm into the back instead. Burke tries to go up top but dives into a spinwheel kick for two. Punk gets sent hard into the corner twice in a row but is fine enough to hit a tornado DDT for two more. The GTS is broken up and they go into a pinfall reversal sequence until Punk grabs the GTS for the pin.

Rating: B-. Another solid match here with both guys working hard. There wasn’t a ton of doubt about Punk winning but he went through some pain to get to the win. These two have some chemistry together and this should be a good finale to their feud, even though Punk had more or less already won in the first place.

Post match Johnny Nitro comes out to stare Punk down to end the show.

Overall Rating: B. For what seemed like a thrown together show, this was a heck of an hour with two good matches and a decent enough comedy deal with Striker getting caked. Nitro vs. Punk II is fine for a way to go for the first title match and…well that’s about it for now, but at least both matches were good.


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