Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 27th November 2021

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I’m away for the weekend so Sunday and Monday’s threads will be a little bare bones, but we’ll be back to normal on Tuesday. I’m off down south to see Everton against Brentford. It’s my first ever visit to Brentford, and if their impressive performances continue whilst Everton continue to be mince then it might be the last time in a while that I get to go there.

I caught Rampage from last night and enjoyed it. It’s a very easy to watch show, although it definitely feels like it’s the Thunder to Dynamite’s Nitro these days (albeit it’s a good Thunder at least). AEW has a stacked enough roster that they can load up both shows, but I also get that they probably want to reserve the stronger stuff for Dynamite as it’s the flagship. At least the show is fun to watch.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas and Scott have the Rampage reviews. Thomas has also reviewed Smackdown, along with a load of WWE from 2007. Later on today I’ve got another Stinker Review scheduled in, where I look at an LPWA show from 1992. Maffew has another UWF Fury Hour coming at midnight, so keep a look out for that.

News from Cultaholic

Brock Lesnar to be on the 3rd December Smackdown

My personal opinion is that it would be smarter for them to blow off this Brock/Roman feud at the Rumble and then have one of the regular roster Smackdown guys win the Rumble itself before going on to dethrone Roman at Mania and hopefully make a new star in the process. I don’t watch the show though, so for all I know they don’t have anyone ready for that

Booker T did not want to be in the original Elimination Chamber match

I watched the Ruthless Aggression doc where they showed footage of the guys looking at on the pre-show and you could tell he wasn’t happy about it, whilst Shawn, RVD and Jericho all seemed pretty energised by the thought of being in the big new gimmick match. Ironically, Triple H was the guy who seemed the calmest about it all and he was the one who ended up getting injured

Charlotte Flair quite literally pie faces Toni Storm

Have a gooden everyone!