I object!

Huge AEW fan here, but I can't be the only person who finds it borderline offensive that Billy Gunn is appearing on television in any capacity whatsoever. TK has a large roster of talented wrestlers and I somehow watched a Billy Gunn match on dynamite this week. Maybe him getting less of a crowd reaction than Red Velvet will help end this, but good lord, how is this the best thing they have for Darby?

He's tall, muscular and has meaty thighs, pal!  That's good s---!

Oh that's the other guys, forgot for a minute.  

I dunno, like I said they were fine as babyfaces with Billy doing a nostalgia run, but as a part of the main show it's a very weird choice unless it's like Darby ends Colton's winning streak as the big payoff or something.