Cole with the Elite gone

So with Omega gone for awhile, and the Bucks having some time off,  do you steer Cole towards being more heel or slowely getting face momentum with his entrance alone?  I can definitly see him getting cocky and brag about holding the Elite together in everyones absence, but i think i would enjoy a jealous Omega returning more than a face-turning savior.  Cole at this stage can definitly main event against Hangman in a ppv and be defeated cleanly  without losing an ounce of overness. OR, since the Bucks make great assholes with their attire alone, do you have them turn on Cole and Omega makes the save and now you got one hell of a tag-match?  

Sidenote:  is Guinness following the wrestling world if 2021 breaks the record for most ladder matches in a year?  Nxt is having a gimmick match determine something in another gimmick match!!!

Yeah I'm not really fond of NXT backsliding into throwing gimmick matches on regular TV every other week because it's going to kill them even more than they already are. 

As for Cole, it's super obvious that Kool Kyle is coming over by the end of the year to reform reDragon and I imagine you can slot Gargano in there as Strong 2.0 and bam, there's your Undisputed Era to usurp the Elite and turn them babyface.  Then Hangman reunites with them, and we do Blood & Guts on the first TBS Dynamite and blow it off, where you turn the Era babyface in the loss and the Elite can all turn heel again and then they do the rematch on Rampage but reversed.  And then I guess you can do something for the second TBS Dynamite, I dunno, my booking genius only extends so far.  Maybe Dexter Lumis will get fired and he'll kidnap Stephanie on the way out of Titan Towers and debut with her as his unwilling manager and then HHH can be All Elite when he's recovered from his cardiac event and come to AEW to get revenge?