Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 25th November 2021

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

We don’t celebrate it over here in the UK, but we’ve inherited Black Friday from you guys so it wouldn’t shock me if Thanksgiving will be next. I hope you have a good day if you’re in a part of the world that celebrates it anyway

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott and Thomas have the AEW Dynamite Reviews. Still time to read my ROH review from yesterday, as well as J’s Dream Matches and Logan’s SummerSlam Fever 1990 review

News from Cultaholic

Homicide embarrassed by the Steel Asylum Match

I was embarrassed for him just watching at home. Seriously though, TNA completely defecated the bad with that new “Monday Night War” didn’t they? So much that it took nearly a decade until another wrestling company could actually try taking WWE on like that

WWE has no plans to release some documentaries

I’m sure the people who worked hard on those are delighted to hear this

New Legacy Inc play Royal Rumble on the Dreamcast

Have a gooden everyone!