WWE gimmicks in this current climate

The “who would get released?” topic got me thinking of another one. What would different wrestlers' gimmicks be in this environment?

Y2J – He's a man stuck in the year 2000. Like, he literally thinks it's 2000 always. Funny shit, PAL.

Rocky Maivia – Still Rocky Maivia. Always. Because the fans don't know what they want.

SCSA – Chilly McFreeze or the Ice Dagger. Comes out in Eskimo Gear.

Chris Benoit – The Rabid Wolverine uncontrollably foams at the mouth. It's a serious source of embarrassment.

The Undertaker – ….honestly, nothing changes. But in this timeline, Mark Callaway can't manage to get the stupid shit over.

The Y2J one reminds me of South Park with the frozen man.