OMG, he hit the budget cutter!

I have a theory about the recent WWE cuts. They were made to shore up extra funds in the budget for an upcoming rash of spite hiring.

Vince is no stranger to hiring talent, not to benefit his promotion, but to spite his competition so they can’t have them. It wouldn’t shock me to see WWE sign ROH talent to high end development deals and then promptly do nothing with them for a year; so long as it “hurts” AEW.

This theory also works on current talent. Now, the WWE has extra budget to lure Kool Kyle, Cesaro or whoever into a lucrative contract extensions to keeps them away from the competition and in the WWE where they belong: in the mid card putting over whatever Performance Center slugs Vince is really interested in pushing.

Vince gets the added bonus of releasing them in six months when they are significantly cooled off and of less interest to the fans and the other promotions.

I’m pretty sure that the people they’d be targeting in that scenario would be smart enough to not want to go to WWE.  No, the real answer is that Vince needed some ready cash to buy a $100 million golden egg, it’s obvious now.