Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 23rd November 2021

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Someone stole Vince McMahon’s egg. That’s WWE’s main storyline right now it seems (unless it was addressed on Raw)


Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas has got the Raw review. Andy has done the AEW Elevation review. Scott has got some Ruthless Aggression for us later. Still time to read the AWA, Joshi and WWF 1990 reviews from Gary, Jabroni and Logan respectively that were uploaded yesterday

I’ve also written two articles for the website Gaming Respawn recently where I look at some of my favourite Finishing Moves. Links below if you fancy having a look;

News from Cultaholic

Eddie Kingston will be doing some New Japan

I’m on board for that!

PWG does another show

Lio Rush Vs Davey Richards sounds like an interesting match

Classic Todd in the Shadows

Have a gooden everyone!