Augmented Reality and Deep Fakes Technology

Hey Scott,

Maybe the reason WWE is releasing everyone is they figured out how to combine augmented reality and deep fakes. They just ask the fans/viewers to watch thru their phones and cheap generic Indy wrestlers become any superstar they want.  No more worrying if people are dead or not on good terms. They will just use their intellectual property rights to bring back our favorites, in the prime of their careers no less.

And when one of these throwaway body doubles get hurt then they just get another one to replace him/her.  Eventually they can liquidate all the stars and bring even more value to the stockholders.  Personally I look at my phone more than I pay attention to their programming when it is on so I think it will be an easy transition.

And people LAUGHED at fake Razor and fake Diesel in 1996!  Vince was just decades ahead of his time.