When do they get released? (Historical edition)


All of the discussion (and predictably cringeworthy lapdog, bootlicking defenses of them, from very predictable sources) of the latest wave of WWE releases got me thinking about when all-time greats would’ve been released in current conditions. 

Cena- absolutely gone before the Halloween party.

Rock- probably while he’s out with an injury before turning heel and joining NOD 

Jericho- either during the meeting where DX thought he didn’t know how to work, or during the meeting where he was berated for hitting Chyna too hard

Orton- during the RNN Breaking News bits. (I mean actually in the middle of one of them. They make him read his own release live on Raw.)

Batista- never gets a chance after the Deacon gimmick. 

Austin- after 3:16, before feuding with Bret 

Kane- the day after he ripped off the Cell door

The Cell door- the day before Kane rips it off

That’s all I have for now, I’ll open the conversation to the group. 

Sad but probably 100% accurate.