SummerSlam 1991 main event

Rewatched SummerSlam 91 this weekend and was there ever a reason Taker and Jake weren't on the main show despite most of the TV stuff around that time being Jake and Taker doing their cinematic wrestling before cinematic wrestling was a thing stuff with Ultimate

Surely Hogan, Warrior and Sid vs Slaughter, Jake and Taker was the way to go for the main event. You can still have Hogan and Sid posing to close the show, Slaughter can still take the pin, and Taker and Jake can still make it to the wedding reception in time
to make the Coliseum Video home exclusive.

Bonus Survivor Series musing: We totally missed out on what could have been one of the most star-studded Survivor Series matches ever had Warrior not pissed Vince off at SummerSlam. Given how SummerSlam ended and what was happening when Survivor Series was
rolling around, we could have quite easily wound up with Hogan, Warrior, Savage, Sid and Piper vs Flair, Taker, Jake, Dibiase and IRS.

That would certainly have been the better way to go.  Totally agree about putting Undertaker and Jake in the Summerslam main as well.