So…are Hunter and Steph getting divorced?!

We have heard nothing about where HHH is since his health scare. Or what he's thinking about the obvious erasing of everything he built in NXT.  Aside from the already established stars, everyone that Hunter pushed, was pushing, saw a future in has been let go. 

Tegan Nox really surprised me. I thought she was the future of the women's division. Granted, the injuries really derailed her everytime she got momentum in NXT. But that actually made her the perfect person for them to push on the main roster and Vince could take credit for her success. 

Hit Row was a strange one too. Granted, I didn't watch them much in NXT and the loss of B-Fab hurt the group WAY more than I ever thought it would. They spent SO much time building them up for Smackdown it just seems so weird. IDK, maybe all these people released are anti-vax. That would at least explain it a little more. 

But to go back to my original joke in the subject line. The people in Vince's ear right now that are clearly taking shots at Hunter have to know something we don't. Because as much as Vince thinks he's going to be around forever the time will eventually come that he is gone and the rumor always was that Hunter would be the guy taking over. So, unless something has changed, that's a mighty risk these people (Pritchard, Dunn, Khan etc) are taking. 

Also, to add to what you said to that emailer the other day about the difference between WWE and other pro athletes getting cut. The NFL or MLB doesn't put someone on a different kind of contract for the sole purpose of releasing them and hurting their ability to work elsewhere. I mean, at first I thought the same thing that emailer did. That other sports players get cut all the time and those companies don't get killed like the WWE. 

BUT then I realized another difference, along with the ones you pointed out. Switching guys and gals from NXT contracts to main roster contracts because they go from 60 day non-completes to 90, then releasing them. It's just another fucked up thing that WWE does that other sports leagues do not do. 

I think it's pretty clear now that Hunter is not taking over the company when Vince goes.  In fact, it'll likely be Vince's head in a jar, Futurama-style, with a robotic Bruce Prichard telling him how great his ideas are.