Stop making the call

What exactly is the process for bringing people up from NXT?? Because clearly whoever is making that call to bring them up only for them to be fired in a month makes no sense. 

Anyone that watched NXT knew good and damn well that Hit Row was NOT ready to be called up to the main roster. Outside of Swerve, the group was lacking in everything. Adonis was a poor man's velveteen dream, top dolla wrestled in 4 matches that I've seen and B Fab was done after that horrible street fight she had in NXT. So who saw all of that and decided….hey! They are ready for prime time!… should be reassigned. 

Vince needs to go and figure out his management team because they have no clue on what they are doing. 

They’re a bunch of 70 year old men trying to make content that attracts 20 year old men.  It’s not going well.