Frustration summarized

In an article about Taya Valkyrie’s recent comments about WWE (found here:, Cain A. Knight from Cageside Seats wrote the following:

“Following the constant news of these releases, WWE’s disgusting relationship with the government of Saudi Arabia, banning or restricting their independently contracted wrestlers from engaging in deals with platforms like Twitch, etc., it’s easy to see why WWE has no goodwill left with a significant portion of wrestling fans.”

I think that’s a pretty accurate summary of many of our feelings. On a slightly different note, it’s mystifying how WWE has 7 hours of weekly television to fill and can’t find interesting uses for so many of the folks they’ve released, or, for that matter, many of the folks they STILL have under contract.

I’m pretty shocked Shotzi survived this round actually.  But hey, keep running Becky v. Charlotte, that’s what the people want.