For the Logo

Following up on the outrage of the many rounds of releases over the last year or so, is what WWE is doing any different than what Pro Sports do on a daily basis? I mean pro athletes are kicked unceremoniously to curb on a daily basis. NFL releases players off IR or really the second their skills even slightly diminish and they can pay someone to do the same job cheaper. Todd Gurley went from being the face of the Rams/NFL to being fired one year into a giant extension. I have seen baseball players shed tears by being traded during an inning of a live game. And let's not even talk about how minor league players are regularly treated as just throw in meaningless pieces during trades. And while fans always get upset at these moves they still keep showing up to games.  Why is it only so bad when WWE does it? Plenty of athletes and even staff for pro franchises have been cut loose this last year and a half. I haven't seen even a quarter of the outrage WWE has gotten. 

Would you assume Nick Khan has gotten Vince to fully buy into it's all about the logo above all else? I mean Vince was already half way there anyway after getting burned by Rock and Stone Cold by showing the product is the star not one superstar. Nick being from the pro sports world probably got in his ear and said look who cares if you make people upset by regularly cutting people who they see expendable. Just like when the patriots dump a star player before its time to pay them, or the Yankees trade young homegrown loved players for one year rentals, the fans will keep showing up regardless of who is wearing the jerseys. I realize you might be more of a hockey guy so insert any NHL narrative here if that helps the comparison.

My point is does it look like WWE has gone all in on the pro sports team model that the names don't matter more than the logo? And seeing how successful pro sports leagues are operating this way and the fact WWE has never generated more money has WWE already proved this was the right change to make? I mean Vince was always cut throat but firing guys the Braun, Bray, and Keith Lee seems like a whole new level of ruthlessly aggression!

Vince has definitely bought into the idea of logo above talent, for sure.  That being said, NFL players are paid EXPONENTIALLY more money than wrestlers and have a union and health benefits.  So basically it's the worst of both worlds for WWE wrestlers right now.