The SmarK Rant for AEW Dynamite – 11.17.21

The SmarK Rant for AEW Dynamite – 11.17.21

Live from Norfolk, VA

Your hosts are Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone & Excalibur

The Elite are hanging out in a stairwell and Kenny Omega has decided to go take some time for himself, and he leaves the Bucks in charge while he’s gone.  Which leads to an awkward moment where Adam Cole thinks Kenny is addressing HIM.  Oops.

AEW World champion Hangman Page joins the Dark Order in the ring on National Cowboy Shit Day, and he corrects the crowd in that he didn’t deserve it, he EARNED it. And so they chant “You earned it!” instead.  So this brings out Bryan Danielson, who offers a congratulatory handshake, but he’s a little disappointed that it’s not Kenny Omega he’s going to be challenging.  Page points out that he beat Kenny, and managed to do it in less than 30 minutes.  Ooooh, Broadway burn.  And then Bryan goes OFF, talking about Page doesn’t wrestle like he does, and how he won the World title at Wrestlemania and then wrestled the very next day.  And the crowd is SALTY about that one.  So Page challenges him to the title match TONIGHT, and normally Bryan would be up for it, but Hangman isn’t dressed to wrestle and Bryan doesn’t want him to have any excuses about not being ready.  Hangman is ready to fight and the Dark Order splits them up while Bryan sneers at him and talks shit, until finally Page breaks free and we take a break.

Bryan Danielson v. Evil Uno

We’re joined in progress with Bryan taking Uno down in a half-crab, but he makes the ropes.  They trade shoulderblocks and Uno sweeps the leg and rolls him up for two, but Bryan slaps him down and hits him with kicks in the corner and a suplex for one.  We even get an arrogant cover with one foot.  Uno retreats to the corner and Bryan hits him with kicks which now draw “No” from the crowd, and he reminds us that HE HAS UNTIL FIVE.  Uno gets up again and keeps fighting with chops and a rana, and then catches a kick and turns it into a neckbreaker for two.  Uno decides to slap him one, so Bryan beats on him in the corner with elbows and hits the running dropkicks.  A third one misses and Uno boots him and goes up with a senton, but that hits knee, and Danielson hits the running knee.  But that’s not enough, so he curb stomps Uno and then wraps him up in the triangle at 6:17.  Well that’s definitely a heel turn.  ***1/4  And then Bryan cuts a promo on Page, blaming it on Hangman Page’s behavior and promising to kick in the heads off each and every member of the Dark Order one by one.  Starting with Colt Cabana, next week in Chicago.  Danielson destroying the Dark Order one by one is a pretty awesome storyline.  Hey also, everyone who was freaking about how Page doesn’t have any heels to fight can kindly shut up now.

Meanwhile, MJF does a promo from Full Gear backstage, as he has proved everyone wrong and he loved all the “cute little mark chants” after beating Darby with a headlock.

Meanwhile, Eddie Kingston’s interview time is interrupted by 2.0, but Eddie doesn’t respect Daniel Garcia and they get into a scrap before Eddie retreats to catering, begging for a promo where he doesn’t get interrupted.

The Butcher & The Blade v. Orange Cassidy & Tomohiro Ishii

Well this is quite the deal.  They keep mentioning Okada and this is gotta be leading to something.  Blade beats on Ishii with forearms and Ishii gets levels him in response and brings in Orange for a splash that gets one.  Orange with the hands in his pockets and blistering kick combo to put Blade on the floor, but Butcher cuts him off with a suplex.  Damn, Butcher is looking CUT.  Pardon the pun.  Orange gets tossed and Matt get his shots in as we take a break.  Back with Ishii and Butcher having a showdown and trading forearms.  Butcher with chops in the corner, but that just wakes Ishii up and Butcher panics.  Ishii literally just backs Butcher into the corner and then takes him down with a superplex for two.  Over to Blade, and Ishii hits him with a corner clothesline and Orange tries a crossbody on them both.  They catch him, but Orange gives Butcher the stunner and Blade the DDT for two.  Butcher and Blade double-team Orange with their neckbreaker, but Ishii saves and gets the hot tag, beating on the heels with forearms.  Blade gets the brass knuckles, but Rocky Romero takes out Blade, Orange hits Matt with a dive, and Ishii finishes Blade with the brainbuster at 9:30.  This was a lot of fun, but not like a great match or anything.  **1/2

Meanwhile, Andrade and FTR are all frustrated with Full Gear, so they challenge Cody and the Death Triangle to an eight-man.

Meanwhile, Dr. Britt Baker DMD and her crew are all exhausted from carrying the division, so Jamie Hayter will begin carrying some of it when she wins the TBS tournament.  But we don’t say Thunder Rosa around Britt, as Tony quickly learns.

TBS title tournament quarterfinals:  Nyla Rose v. Hikaru Shida

Shida hits Rose with knees in the corner right away and follows with a missile dropkick for two.  Rose slugs her down but Shida chases her out of the ring with kicks.  Back in, Nyla drops an elbow and chokes away in the corner, and then goes to work on the leg.  More choking on the ropes as Vickie helps out, but they fight to the floor and Shida runs her into the railing and then sets up her chair, which allows Rose to clobber her from behind.  Nyla puts her in the chair and tries a senton off the apron, but that misses and the chair pays the price.  Vickie takes a bump and Shida whacks her in the ass with the kendo stick, but Nyla slams her on the way back in and we take a break.  Back with Rose hitting the guillotine kneedrop for two.  Rose goes for the powerbomb and Shida counters into an armbar, but Rose powerbombs out of it.  Nyla goes up, but misses a senton and Shida rolls her up for two.  Shida tries a spinkick, but Nyla catches it and puts her in a stretch muffler at 10:12 to advance.  Hell of a match here.  ***1/2

Meanwhile, Malakai Black promises to turn the very air that Cody Rhodes breathes into toxic gas.  My dog does that to me all the time.

MJF joins us, ready to move onto his next challenge, but CM Punk interrupts and the crowd is losing their minds.  But we don’t get any promo battles yet, as MJF introduces himself and Punk leaves him hanging and leaves.

Darby Allin talks with Tony, and he’s ready for more challenges after MJF, so the Gunn Club decides to take him up on it.  “Yeah, sure, screw it,” notes Darby.

Meanwhile, The Elite is pretty sick of the Jurassic Express, and they bring out Bobby Fish for a Rampage challenge, but have to cut the camera before he can do any WWE Intellectual Property catchphrases in a funny bit.

The Acclaimed v. Dante Martin & Lio Rush

Max Caster makes friends as usual with his rap, but Dante and Lio hit them with stereo dives and then befuddle Bowens with quickness in the ring.  They work the arm and Dante comes off the top with a stomp, but Bowens hits him with chops and Caster pulls him out of the ring and runs him into the railing.  Acclaimed with a double suplex on Dante on the floor.  Back in, Caster puts Dante down with a back elbow and slugs away.  Bowens beats him down further and Caster gets a neckbreaker for two.  And we take a break, and return with Dante diving over both guys to make the hot tag to Lio.  Lio goes nuts with kicks on the Acclaimed and hits an axe kick for two on Bowens.  Lio goes up and misses a splash, and Dante misses the double jump moonsault.  But then he recovers with a GIANT missile dropkick on Bowens and everyone is down.  Acclaimed double-team Lio with a uranage into a flying elbow from Caster for two, but Dante saves.  Another double jump moonsault on Bowens sets up a huge frog splash from Rush, and that finishes at 10:33.  Started as a good standard tag match and then went INSANE after the break.  ***1/2  But then Team Taz joins us, again offering a business deal to Dante.  And hey, they’ll be patient.

Meanwhile, the Jurassic Express accepts the challenge for Rampage, even though Jungle Boy has shaved off his scruff.

TNT title:  Sammy Guevara v. Jay Lethal

Sammy almost gets the GTH right away, but Lethal tries a figure-four and they trade rollups for a series of near-falls and fight to a stalemate.  Sammy grabs a headlock, but Lethal flips into a dropkick for two and hits him with a backbreaker for two.  Flatliner sends Sammy to the floor, but Sammy comes back in with a knee strike that puts Lethal on the floor, and he follows with a dive.  Back in, Sammy goes up with a shooting star, but he hits the knees and we take a break.  Back with the doctor checking on Sammy’s ribs, but the match continues.  So they slug it out and Lethal puts the boots to him in the corner and presses him into a facejam.  Sammy blocks the Lethal Injection and hits a Spanish Fly to put Lethal on the floor.  Lethal recovers and sends Sammy out for his own dive, but Sammy catches him and hits a brainbuster on the floor.  They slug it out by the timekeeper’s table and Sammy puts him on the table and goes up for a dive, but misses and puts himself through the table to further destroy his own ribs.  Back in the ring, Lethal drops the flying elbow, but Sammy cradles him for two.  Lethal with a lariat, but Sammy lands on his feet and hits a superkick.  Lethal with a facebuster for two.  Figure-four in the middle, but Sammy makes the ropes.  Jay tries the abdominal stretch, but Sammy escapes with a high knee and tries for the GTH.  Lethal escapes from that, so Sammy hits him with a pair of knee strikes to set up the GTH to finish at 11:54.  Man, they had me thinking that Lethal might pull this one out, I’ll give them that!  ****1/4  And the Inner Circle comes out to celebrate and offers the handshake to Lethal to end the show.

Damn, this ended up being a hot show!  And the Bryan Danielson turn suddenly gives the title scene a whole new intrigue as well and still makes perfect sense.