Favorite title belt design?

Hey Scott, you've probably touched on this in the past, but what's your favorite championship belt design of all time? My personal favorite is the Undisputed Title – I thought it was classy and elegant and a great combination of the Big Gold World Heavyweight
Title and the Attitude Era Big Eagle World Title. The floral designs and nameplate of the Big Gold with the eagles and lion crests of the Big Eagle. It blows my mind it only lasted a scant 3 years and its replacement was the Spinner.

In today's landscape of homogenized giant logos in WWE (and redesigns that, in my opinion, just suck, like the current US and IC Titles) it saddens me to look back in time and see all the unique designs that had a lot of effort and detail put in them, longtime
favorites like the Winged Eagle and Reggie IC Title. I get WWE wants their big Dubs front and center for marketing but I hate how the four main “world” titles in the company are the same thing. Oh well, at least the AEW World title is pretty cool.

Gotta be the Winged Eagle or the classic Magnum/Nikita US title for me. Eagles are good I guess!