Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 17th November 2021

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Tonight’s Dynamite is all about Hangman Page, so you can bet I’ll be watching!

Scheduled today on the Blog: It’s another ROH Wednesday, so please check out my ROH 2003 review that will be up later. Jabroniville has got some more Dream Matches for us. Logan has some more WWF from 1990. Scott and Thomas have got the NXT 2.0 reviews covered. Andy has AEW Dark up for us as well

Now some news from Cultaholic

Peacock launches in UK and Ireland

Oh well, having a competent version of WWE Network was nice whilst it lasted

Cody quits Twitter

Semi-cryptic comments from Cody in that interview. Seriously though, Twitter is the worst sometimes so I don’t blame him. I’ve only just started using Instagram after years of not bothering and I kind of like it actually, so moving onto that platform makes sense

Kane Vs Vader from Feb 1998. Just listen to that pop Vader gets for his entrance, there was definitely still mileage in him at that stage

Have a gooden everyone!