First off, thank you for continuing to review the crap show that is NXT.  After seeing Full Gear, I've decided to give up watching any WWE regular programming and just stick to PPVs (which I don't look too forward to seeing anyhow).  To me the difference is night and day.  AEW is authentic and it's obvious that TK cares about what we as fans want to see (the Cody Rhodes issues notwithstanding).  On the other hand, WWE is tedious to see and even to read about (again, I thank you and Tommy for continuing to do reviews).  It is obvious that Vince doesn't care about his own product so why should I as a fan?  It's about how great they are as a company and that's it.  Does Vince not understand that All Elite Wrestling is going to continue to steal his audience or is he just fat and happy being a billionaire and all?
I think it’s just that he legitimately thinks that his terrible product is what people want to see.