Making a Move

So what is stopping Tony from moving Rampage to Friday at 8pm and challenging Smackdown? Clearly this current timeslot is death regardless of the mental gymnastics TK was going on about at the media scrum. Their move to TBS is the perfect opportunity to say you know what, starting Jan we are gonna be on 8pm and taking it to WWE. I got to think it's ratings at that time would beat whatever Nicolas Cage or Ben Affleck movie TBS is normally showing in that slot. They have plenty of time to promote it as well so I just don't get it? 

TK is still bragging about the CM Punk demos from when they went against the FS1 show, on top of the normal never ending bravado you hear from like they have the best roster, put out the best shows during covid, they are the hottest show on tv, blah blah blah. So if they really believe that this move could prove it. It's not like anyone would expect them to win, but if they could knock smackdown consistently under 2 million while doing similar numbers to Dynamite that would be huge for them! And anything has to be better than getting barely 500k viewers, especially when they got over a million the first two episodes. 

Or are they just afraid they would get demolished by Smackdown and that ends the grift? Obviously it's easier for them to avoid a head on fight and sell how close they are with the random demos numbers when they aren't on at the same times. And if they had kept their heads down this whole time while not constantly talking about WWE that would make sense. But they have encouraged and seem to prefer this whole tribalistic warfare between the two companies. So at some point won't they have to actually go head to head to continue this “war”?

Rampage isn’t moving to TBS and Tony doesn’t own the network and doesn’t get to decide scheduling.