Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 16th November 2021

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

England have officially qualified for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar next year after treating San Marino how The Road Warriors used to treat a couple of geeks on Worldwide back in the 80’s. I’m not sure if they can go all the way in the tournament (probably not) but it’s been a mostly calm procession to the tournament. Here’s hoping both Wales and Scotland can still qualify as well!

Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas has Raw from last night. Andy has AEW Elevation. Scott has some 2012 WWE for us. Maffew posted a new UWF Fury Hour yesterday that’s worth seeking out

Now some news from Cultaholic

Austin Aries wants back in wrestling

Over/Under on how long it takes for him to turn whichever locker room he ends up against him due to his surly nature and behaviour?

Bryan Danielson Vs Evil Uno on Dynamite

Would this be a first time meeting? I’m pretty sure they were both in CHIKARA at roughly the same time but they might never have matched up together

Full Gear Recap

Have a gooden everyone!