No Heels for Hangman

Hey Scott,

Curious why wrestling promotions always seem to find themselves in this predicament: Sting and Warrior in 1990. Austin in 98. Now Hangman. They crown a new babyface champ after a long build, and then have no credible heels to challenge them.

In 98, they were smart to immediately turn Foley heel. And they did their best with Taker/Kane until they turned Rock later in the year. Now with hangman, they have a very lopsided babyface/heel main event situation. Bryan, Punk, Moxley, and Cody are all faces. Omega, Miro, Adam Cole, Malachai Black and Andrade all jobbed last night. 

The only heel is MJF and I don't think he's quite ready. I'd love to see them turn Punk and do an epic Punk/Hangman feud. I think it's the perfect first feud. But curious what this phenomenon is about. Why crown a new champ without having planned ahead with three or four legit challengers to set him up for a successful run?

Maybe let’s wait until the first show after his win before we write off his title reign.  And what’s wrong with MJF as a challenger?