Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 15th November 2021

Happy Monday Everyone!

Sound the “Contemporary song that Mike actually knows and likes” klaxon, as I’ve been listening to “Spit of You” by Sam Fender recently and really enjoy it

The Hangman has been belted, so I guess my new thing will have to be KEEP THE HANGMAN BELTED

Yeah, that one doesn’t really work. I think we can all accept me dropping that particular gag going forward now

Leave the memories alone

Scheduled today on the Blog: Dave Newman has looked at a Bath House Death Match. Rock Star Gary has some more AWA for us. Scott has some more classic MSG later on. Jabroniville has some Joshi Spotlight for us later. Logan has some more WWF from 1990

Now some news from Cultaholic

Jonah Rock debuts in New Japan

Plenty of options for mean guy matches in that company

Jay Lethal is All Elite

Hopefully we’re not too far away from Smooth Sailing Ashley Remington showing up

OSW Review has looked at Mortal Kombat Annihilation, one of the funniest bad movies ever

Have a gooden everyone!