AEW ELEVATION: November 15, 2021

The PG Era Rant for AEW Elevation Episode 37 (“Fight Forever… In Tag Matches”), November 15, 2021.

From Indianapolis, IN.

Your hosts are Tony, Mark, and Paul.

TONIGHT! The Hardy Family Office and Dark Order collide again as Matt, Kassidy, and Blade face Uno, Stu, and Angels! Ryo and Sakura collide again as Nyla Rose, Emi Sakura and the Bunny team up to take on Ryo Mizunami, Riho, and Skye Blue! And QT Marshall… actually, this may be a new matchup as he goes against John Silver!

PLUS – Andrade El Idolo, Ruby Soho, and Gunn Club!

Opening match: Gunn Club (Austin, Billy, and Colten) (19-0) vs. Nasty Russ, T-Money, and Shawn Cook (debuts). Colten holds up a “Gunn-Defeated” sign on the way down, while Austin tries to start a fight with Mark Henry. Wight still doesn’t like Billy. Also, those enhancement talent names… yikes.

Billy and Cook start. Billy with a spank off a lockup, and when Cook protests, Billy gives him a straight right. Austin comes in and dances, but Cook with a jawjacker and Russ is in. Austin cuts Russ off and goes up-and-over him, then throws him down by the hair. Colten mocks the hairpull as he comes in before smacking Russ. Hammer throw, but Russ cuts off a blind charge and brings in T-Money. Money lights Colten up, but Austin trips Money and Colten gets a lariat. Austin draws Cook into a lariat as well, and Billy tags in. Billy with the Famouser to win at 2:21. Billy, dude, you’re a heel: stop with the DX tribute. 1/2* You too, Austin; you’re no Shawn Michaels, don’t pose like him.

Nyla Rose (#3 women, 23-5) & The Bunny (10-7) & Emi Sakura (8-2) (w/Vickie Guerrero, Lulu Pencil, and Mei Suruga) vs. Riho & Ryo Mizunami & Skye Blue (first time teaming). Got enough people at ringside? This match has just about everything in it, though at this point I have to wonder if Mizunami in all these tag matches with Rose and/or Sakura is going somewhere.

Riho and Sakura start. Sakura with a knee to Riho’s gut, then a hairpull slam. A second throw, but Riho cartwheels away and gets a dropkick before bringing in Blue. Facejam by Riho sets up a low dropkick by Blue for two. Leg lariat in the corner and Riho adds a flying knee before sending Sakura into a lariat from Mizunami. Faces pose like it’s lucha while holding a double armabr, then Riho low bridges Nyla out and dives onto her. Back in, Riho goes up, but Vickie distracts her and Nyla slams her off.

Sakura (who is still legal) gets two off of it. Romero Special by Sakura, then the butterfly backbreaker. Riho crawls to the corner, which is a bad idea because Sakura nails the corner spear and everyone poses. Bunny in, and she kicks away on Riho before gragging the hair. Riho fights out and cradles Bunny for two. Enzuigiri to Bunny, and it’s hot tag Mizunami. She clears the apron of Sakura, then miscommunication clears Nyla before Mizunami spears Bunny. Kobashi chops in the corner, with the exclamation point, then a hammer throw and clothesline gets two.

She wants a German, but Bunny with a standing switch. Blue tags herself in as Bunny sends Mizunami Down the Rabbit Hole, so Blue tosses Bunny into the ropes for Riho’s Area Code Kick. Sakura and Riho go to the floor, and Nyla enters to uppercut Blue. Charge eats boot and Blue tries a rana off the top, but Nyla catches her in mid-air and lands the Beast Bomb for the pin at 5:34. **1/4

Hardy Family Office (Matt Hardy (19-10), Isaiah Kassidy (21-14), and The Blade (19-10)) vs. Dark Order (Evil Uno (28-13), Stu Grayson (27-7), and Alan Angels (14-21)). Hey, it’s an HFO/Dark Order six-man – they did tons of these over the summer and they were really good. Alex Reynolds, Preston Vance, and Colt Cabana enter with Dark Order but stay on the stage, so this should be an even fight (with any luck).

Angels and Kassidy start. They exchange waistlocks and Kassidy goes up and over Angels, getting a lucha armdrag before Angels returns it. They do legsweeps for one-counts, and Kassidy throws Angels off a headlock only to run into a dropkick and armdrag and lock. Stu tags in, and he brings Uno in as well as Dark Order throws Angels into Kassidy. Uno slams Kassidy and Dark Order poses. Now it’s Matt and Uno going at it, with Matt getting a kick after faking a test of strength. Uno and Matt tackle back and forth, with Uno getting the best of it, but Blade trips Uno and Matt gets a chop block.

Blade in now, and he smacks Uno and yells at him until Uno bites the hand. Stu in, and he and Blade slug it out, with Stu getting kicks to put Blade in the corner and pummel him. Blade reverses in the corner and fires back on Stu, who knees out only to run into a kneesmash. Hammer Throw, but Stu returns with a shoulderblock. Blade puts Stu in the HFO corner, allowing Matt and Kassidy to wishbone Stu on the post. Kassidy in and he stomps a mudhole in Stu (per Matt’s orders), and Matt steps on Stu’s head to get Kassidy two.

We HIT THE CHINLOCK, but Stu elbows out only to get caught with a rana and clothesline. Kassidy with shoulders ot the gut in the corner, and Matt comes off the middle rope with an elbowsmash to the back for two. Side Effect by Matt gets two. Matt wants the Leech, but Stu spins out of it and lands an enzuigiri. Pele kicks to both Kassidy and Blade, and it’s hot tag Uno. Matt gets the ref-assisted neckbreaker, and Kassidy and Blade are run together before Angels gets a double crossbody. Enzuigiri to Matt, then a shiranui to Blade before slamming Kassidy on the apron.

An incredible triple-team sequence gets two for Angels on Blade – Uno gave Matt a cannonball as Angels leaped over him to frog splash Blade and Stu did a moonsault off the same corner to Kassidy! Uno Hammer Throws Blade, but Blade dumps Stu and brings in Kassidy. Jumping neckbreaker to Angels, but Uno boots Kassidy down. Blade with a lariat to Uno, Stu with an overhead suplex to Blade, and Matt with a Twist of Fate to Stu. Angels smashes Matt, then catches a charging Kassidy with the C-4 for two, reversed to a crucifix for three at 8:12. **3/4 Seeing HFO and Dark Order go at is always a fun time.

Andrade El Idolo (w/Jose) (4-2) vs. Lorde Crewe (debut). Well, I can safely say neither man will be a royal. Sorry. Idolo’s entrance is so long I have time to fill in details in the previous match – it’s a lot for someone who isn’t a main eventer.

They tease a test of strength to start, a lockup leads to Crewe getting a waistlock. Andrade elbows out and works a headlock, then goes up and over Crewe to re-apply it. We go International~!… wait, no we don’t, Andrade goes back to the headlock. Crewe backs Andrade into the corner and boxes his way out, but runs into a big boot. Andrade stomps away in the corner, then gets a suplex neckbreaker. DDTay wins it at 2:28. Half the match was a headlock. DUD

Ruby Soho (w/Billy Roc) (6-1) vs. Charlie Kruel (debut). Roc is one of Soho’s trainers when she was starting out, so it’s nice of AEW to let him come out. Soho, as you can imagine, is crazy over in Indiana. Soho is overwhelmed.

Soho offers the Code of Honor, but Kruel does some pattycake with the extended hand and smacks her. Ruby recovers with an STO and armdrag and lock. Kruel backs Soho into the corner and smacks her over the ref’s head, then gets a Hammer Throw. Blind charge eats elbow, and Soho yanks Kruel into the middle rope by her legs. Kruel escapes a waistlock by stomping on the foot, but Ruby with a flying knee, SUPERKICK, and enzuigiri. German suplex has Kruel dazed, and No Future wins it at 1:52. A feel-good win for the crowd.

QT Marshall (23-9) vs. John Silver (18-6). Tony really doesn’t like Marshall. Much to Wight’s surprise, there’s no one at ringside with Marshall. Silver is easily the most over person in Dark Order – you gotta wonder how long before he gets the singles run.

We get a Johnny Hungee chant to start. Marshall walks out of the ring and gets the house mic, telling the crowd to stop the chant because he (Marshall) is the best. Crowd boos Marshall as Silver gets a headlock and runs over Marshall on the push-off. Marshall with a waistlock takedown and he mocks the Dark Order salute. Silver pops up with a high kick, then an uppercut in the corner. Silver with a tilt-a-whirl into an armdrag, then a spinning uppercut to Marshall. Piledriver try, but Marshall picks him up and puts him on the apron before kicking Silver in the mush as Silver tries to return.

Backbreaker gets two. Elbowdrop to the back gets two. Silver fights to his feet, staggering Marshall to the corner, but Marshall reverses a corner whip and runs into a boot. Silver off the middle rope, but Marshall catches him into a backbreaker for two. Marshall works Silver over against the ropes with a knee to the back, but Silver catches Marshall taunting him and fires back with Yes Kicks against the ropes.

BACK body drop (.8 Warlord) follows. Marshall tries a rana (!), but Silver powerbombs him for two. Silver measures Marshall, but the Punk misses and Marshall with a cradle for two. Marshall with a backslide, but Silver rolls through and kicks away. Marshall recovers with a pop-up right hand and a body vice backbreaker for two. Marshall wants the Diamond Cutter, but Silver shoves him off and gets a German suplex. Thrust kick and side backbreaker gets two. Spin Doctor (torture rack rotation slam) wins it at 6:20. **1/4

Barely any time between matches, so nothing to say here. See you tomorrow!