From Hangman to Caligua Page?

Now that he's got the belt, can we get Adam Page drop the fake Hangman gimmick and go full Caligula by way of Steve Austin circa 2001-2004? 

Basically Hangman goes full narcissist drunk asshole, aping all of Austin's worst traits from that period (“The What” chant, Austin bullying wrestlers who weren't part of the upper card, the god-awful sing alongs, the wife beating, and paranoid assholery that show Austin as a petty asshole burying anyone more over than him). Along with the Bucks and Omega completely debasing themselves, becoming Page's flunkies the same way that Austin had HHH and WCW/ECW as his flunky after his heel turn? 

We're never going to get Austin/Punk but turning Page into a punchable parody of Austin at his absolute worse could give us the next best thing and give us Punk beating Not-Austin Page for the belt. Plus it would let Omega and the Bucks assume the roil they should be playing from the beginning: annoying loser henchmen who exist solely to get their s--- kicked in every chance imaginable while dressing up in whatever gimmicky costume their dark master (in this case Page) demands they dress up in. 

Extra credit, they can give Dark Order to Bobby Fish since as seen with ReDragon, Fish has experience as a cat wrangler given how Kyle O'Reilly's gimmick in ReDragon was literally him being kind of touched in the head and Fish as his case manager. 

Jesse Baker 
I always love that you give yourself extra credit assignments, like the main booking idea is clearly perfect but we have to make sure there's a topper.  So yeah, go with all of this, sure.