Worst Workers

Hey Scott, hope all is well. I know you tend to find Dino Bravo as a terrible worker. But I actually think he is not the worst. I have a list in no particular order and wanted your feedback as I think these workers are way more putrid.

1. Black Bart
2. Damien Demento
3. Wild Bill Irwin (to think, him and Bart teamed)
4. Nails
5. Tyrus
6. King Kong Bundy
7. Big Sky
8. Buck Zumholf

Also, if you have any influence with Mr. Khan. Enough with the run ins.

Black Bart was a great worker in his time, so was Bill Irwin.  Bundy was also very good at what his purpose was.  Zumhoff is a garbage human being but he's a good worker.  Nailz was terrible but memorably terrible.  Same with Demento.  

Of the remaining choices, I'd say Tyrus is the worst because he was barely mobile even in his “prime” and he's somehow even worse now.  In fact he's such a turn-off that I quit watching the NWA due to him winning the TV title.  Not for any political reason, just because he's a waste of space and they keep pushing him as a big deal and it's not what I want to see.