Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 13th November 2021

Happy Full Gear Day Everyone!

Congratulations to Scotland for making the FIFA World Cup Playoffs! Here’s hoping they can eventually qualify for the tournament next winter in Qatar

Tonight it’s AEW Full Gear with Kenny Omega Vs Hangman Page and loads of other great matches!

Feel free to purchase AEW Full Gear with the following affiliate link to aid our glorious leader (We need a ship name for SK and TK don’t we? I’m thinking “Scony” might work but I’m open to suggestions)

Speaking of Full Gear;

Belt The Hangman!

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott and Thomas have the Rampage reviews. Thomas also has the Smackdown review up. Later on today I’ve got an ECW November to Remember 97 review. It’ll probably get slaughtered due to all the interest being directed elsewhere, but if you’d like a review to read in order to kill some time before the pay per view starts then it’s always an option!

News from Cultaholic

Zayn and Aliah out of their respective Survivor Series matches

As it’s WWE I fully expect Zayn in particular to be back in that match somehow, possibly even with one of the authority figures just going “meh, you can be in it after all”

Keith Lee and WWE disagree when it comes to Lee’s medical bills

WWE going the press release route rather than just unleashing Jerry Mcdevit is interesting. Could be they don’t want the PR issues of going after a sacked wrestler right now

Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw Vs Open World Games

Have a gooden everyone!

Enjoy the show if you’re watching it later