Was it Wrong?

I hate to see anyone lose their jobs, and being a huge fan of NXT I was shocked to see some of the recent releases. But if you take your fandom out of it can't say I am really surprised. Clearly Vince is done with the HHH way of making stars. And while I think he developed some great mini stars that will have a solid 5 to 7 years on the main rosters, did he really didn't help make the generational star Vince was looking for? Even with Roman it took many years on the main roster to get where he is now. Plus most of guys like Finn and Owens were so old by the time they made it it's not like you can really pin your hopes and dreams on them to carry you for a decade.

Do I think some of the ones they cut could help right now, 1000% if used correctly, specifically Keith and Kross/Scarlett. But most of the ones cut weren't gonna move the needle. And those two guys being 36 or older doesn't really help WWE's current problems, they have no young stars. While they both weren't handed great spots when they got called up I think they both exposed a bit too. And I could see Vince just saying you know what, it's not worth all the time and effort to build these guys up if they aren't gonna carry the business for years to come.

Keith Lee is great and I think could add something to AEW it doesn't have right now, he could have a nice 1 to 2 year run there. But I don't think he offers anything WWE doesn't already have on their main roster. And Kross I think was a weird case of him having an awesome entrance and Scarlett on his side, but take that away and what did you have? Yes the helmet and get up did him no favors, but even the NXT crowd had already turned on him so I didn't feel great about his future. And we have seen people rise above worse gimmicks to becomes stars, like Deacon Batista. Obviously in Vince's eyes he never saw it in Keith Lee which why it took so long to get him hired. And let's not act like Kross has never been featured before. While obviously not the same level he was big on both Impact and Lucha Underground. He never really lit the world on fire. 

I think if this ends clearing up catering and frees up some of these people to try elsewhere if it isn't happening in WWE then it's a win for everyone. Now if Vince screws up Bron that's a whole different problem. 

I have no problems getting rid of Kross, who was a complete flop in the role they wanted him for.  But cutting Keith Lee after a year of medical and heart problems is pretty low.  The bigger issue is that Vince McMahon signs people to these ridiculously one-sided contracts where he can cut you at his whim.