Full Gear could be legendary

How stacked is this card? I watched Tony S dust off the Control Center gimmick and it's perfect. https://youtu.be/6aWcI1GGGlY

With the way they book Dynamite, it feels like all main events. And with maybe the exception of Britt/Tay, there are no foregone conclusion matches.

But my question is about Punk/Kingston. Has a random feud ever gotten so hot so quick? Not only that, it got so intense that it actually makes sense it's a short feud because it would fizzle out. Eddie even getting mainstream press. It's insane. Maybe Flair/Savage in 92 is comparable?

PS – Schiavone name drops Okada and Ishii when going over the Dynamite card…. both men are in the States….. they wouldnt…

I was actually very close to getting tickets for Full Gear and braving the trip to Minnesota, but unfortunately passports are taking forever at the moment and I want to wait for the whole Covid situation to settle down a bit more.  But I wish I could be there for it!