Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 11th November 2021

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Played Tommi Mäkinen Rally on the PS1 for a bit last night. I’m not sure it knows quite what it wants to be as it hovers over the line between being arcadey and fun whilst still trying to kind of be a faithful Rally game at the same time. And there hasn’t been one appearance of Ludvig Borga either! The soundtrack is a definite bonus at least.

Belt The Hangman!

Scheduled today on the Blog: Scott and Thomas both have Dynamite reviews up. Thomas has also reviewed the infamous Vince McMahon Appreciation Night episode of Raw from 2007. Still time to read Jabroniville’s Dream Matches from last night, along with Logan’s WWF review from 1990 and my most recent ROH review from 2003

News from Cultaholic

Raw sets a record for low ratings

Despite this the TV Networks will still fling money at them, because Vince McMahon has seemingly been failing upwards for the past 20 years now

Drew Galloway likes Saturday pay per views

As do I to be honest

Was daylight savings time the reason Raw’s ratings were low?

Have a gooden everyone!