AEW Authority figure

The conversation of TK being more of a presence on AEW comes up time to time on some podcasts, fan booking etc etc.  Buh-buh states he has the ultimate idea that would really take AEW on fire, and i honestly don't know who or what he's speaking of.  Could be heel Cody, Bishoff, the posibilities are unfortunetly there i guess.  Malakai Blacks promo mentioned Tony in some capactiy.

I don't know how you would feel about a TK storyline, but as much as I dig AEW, and i'm loving A LOT, if theres one thing that completely takes me out of being invested in a wrestling angle, is an authorty figure.  It hasn't worked since McMahon, nor is it even needed.  its the cheap way out of booking complelling stories.  How much would you hate a talent coming out to cut promos wth TK?
Yeah I’m sure Tony is on the edge of his seat waiting to get booking ideas from Bully Ray.