Am I doing this right?

Dear Scott,

I am a bitter older man with a podcast/blog/youtube channel and I have a lot of very brave opinions about AEW, which you are not allowed to criticize. 

First off, since they do not break their ratings record every week, clearly the ship is sinking. 

Since I have no appreciation or comprehension that everything they have achieved so far is an unbelievable success, AEW must be broken. Here is a list of things they can do to improve their ratings that will actually drive away their current viewers. 

Also, here is a list of observations that no one watching their weekly TV could possibly make and a list of delusional conclusions. If you do not agree with me, it just proves my point that AEW stans cannot handle valid criticism. 

Also, since I cannot be bothered to make any arguments for why you are wrong, I'll just go ahead and say your reviews are biased. 

WWE is the only wrestling company that I respect. I have an amazing ability to overlook their flaws because I am so impressed by their TV and Saudi deals. I hope they received my resume without any problems.

Have a blessed day.

Clearly you’re on the Impact payroll.