AEW DARK: November 9, 2021

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The PG Era Rant for AEW Dark, Episode 116 (“Apology Accepted”), November 9, 2021.

From St. Louis, MO.

Your hosts are Excalibur and Taz.

Tony Khan said that moving the date of Full Gear meant he lost St. Louis as a host, and he wanted this episode of Dark to be an apology. Well, let’s see how:

TONIGHT! We have MANY feature bouts! Darby Allin warms up for MJF by taking on another jerk in QT Marshall! It’s a Dark Order doubleheader – Uno, Reynolds, and Colt will face Gunn Club! Then Preston Vance and Alan Angels take on Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs! Matt Hardy joins Isaiah Kassidy and the Blade as they face Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus, and Christian Cage! It’s speed against tech as Dante Martin goes against, you guessed it, Frankie Kazarian! Nick Comoroto and Aaron Solo look to solve the new team of 2 Fast 2 Fuego! Six-woman tag action sees Emi Sakura join Jamie Hayter and Rebel against Ryo Mizunami, Thunder Rosa, and Kris Statlander! And Lee Moriarty wants his first win as he teams with Matt Sydal against 2point0!

PLUS – Wardlow, Andrade El Idolo, The Inner Circle, Nyla Rose, Best Friends, Riho, and Tay Conti!

Opening match: Gunn Club (Austin, Billy, Colten) (18-0) vs. Dark Order (Evil Uno (28-12), Alex Reynolds (19-11), Colt Cabana (25-8)). Billy takes his time posing on the top of the stage before running through a Guard of Honor made by his sons. The unusual Dark Order matchup allows them to have an “out” if things go wrong – sure, they’re all friends, but there’s no coherent unit within the trio. Anna Jay has joined the Dark Order entrance.

Uno and Colten start. Colten isn’t impressed with the Dark Order salute and lets Uno know, so Uno grabs a headlock and they do shoulderblocks like they’re an executive relaxation toy. Colten knocks Uno down with a right to stop it, then kicks Uno when the latter telegraphs a back body drop. Uno with the ref-assist neckbreaker, but the referee jumps away when he tries the same with Austin. (Uno apologizes.) Reynolds in, and the Dark Order with a ton of running back elbows, getting one for Reynolds.

Austin with the sliding trip and Hennig facebuster to take over, but he runs into a back elbow and Reynolds comes off the middle rope with a dropkick. Billy tags himself in, and he wants Colt, so Reynolds obliges. Colt flexes, but Billy kicks him down and slugs him. Colt catches a kick and tries to escape, but finds himself kneeling in front of a none-too-subtle Billy. Colt escapes and gets Flip Flop and Fly, though, and Reynolds cuts off Austin to throw him into Billy. Uno enters, and everyone throws Colten into Billy. Dark Order calls a huddle, imitates DX, and runs everyone together to clear the ring.

Dark Order milks a Brodie chant, then slam the kids when they return before posing lucha style. Billy knocks Reynolds down and works him over in the corner, and Austin comes in only for Reynolds to try a comeback. Colten low bridges, but Austin is sent over instead, so Colten comes in and Uno low bridges him. Then Billy enters and Reynolds low bridges that before Uno comes in to slug down Austin and Colten before stepping on Billy’s hands. Colt with the Flying Apple to the outside to Billy, while Uno chops the heck out of Austin and escapes Colten’s Stinger Splash.

Flying Apple to both kids at once, and Reynolds dives onto Billy, and Something Evil to Austin gets a shocking two. Austin escapes Uno and brings Colten in for a dropkick, but Colt sends Colten out with a Cactus clothesline. Back in, Uno with a big boot to Austin, but Austin gets a rollup with the ropes for the pin at 6:56. Gunn Club stole this one, and I wouldn’t mind a rematch where Dark Order gives them their first loss. **1/4

Riho (8-2) vs. Heidi Howitzer (debut). Oh, hey, Heidi! The one from Beyond on Sunday? That’s actually pretty awesome. Now, Howitzer is okay losing while getting offense in, as we saw, and she’s from Kansas City instead of the Wasteland. Also, I want a photoshoot of Riho at the beach so we can make Duran Duran jokes. (If you get it, I’m truly sorry.)

Riho tries a German suplex, but, yeah, no. Heidi runs her over for two, but Riho bridges out and dropkicks Heidi. Tilt-a-whirl headscissors on Heidi and she’s in the ropes, allowing the Area Code Kick for two. Riho works the arm in the corner, but Heidi reverses the whip only to run into a boot. Riho tries a crossbody, but Heidi catches her and gives the Strongest Slam for two. Head vice throw by Heidi, and she fakes a hip check before going up top. Vader Bomb misses and Riho’s up top with the double stomp to win at 2:15. Should’ve followed through there, Heidi. 1/2*

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The Factory (Nick Comoroto and Aaron Solo) (2-0) vs. 2 Fast 2 Fuego (Fuego Del Sol and Totally Not Cody Rhodes) (1-0). No QT Marshall, which is a shame because I’d want him on commentary insisting it’s Cody while the announcers remain oblivious. The duo is from “The Sun”, which I guess is in Alabama. Excalibur is surprised they’re taking this act on the road.

Hijo Del Hijo Del Fontanero and Solo start as Taz insists they did laser tattoo removal backstage. Solo with a quick kick to start, but Cody replies and does a lucha armdrag. Arm wrench and Cody with a second armdrag and Taz has figured it out: Fuego II is Preston Vance! Fuego in and we get a double dropkick. Fuego with a running uppercut in the corner, then a corner spear, then an outside-in rana as Solo brings in Comoroto. Fuego can’t tag out as Comoroto picks him up, but when Fuego slides down he gets Pounced.

Fuego tags Cody in, and THE STRAPS COME DOWN… wait, just the one not covering the Dream tattoo. Comoroto runs Cody over and THE STRAP GOES BACK UP. Cody tries a waistlock, but Comoroto throws him off and launches him to the apron. Cody back in with a missile dropkick, but Solo cuts off Cody and Comoroto gets a Steinerline. Stalling suplex by Comoroto gets two. Solo back in as Excalibur notes some discoloration on Fuego II’s neck, and Solo gets a slam and kneedrop for two.

Suplex by Solo gets two. Solo wants to get at the mask to big heel heat, but he backs off so he can nail the 540 kick. He wants the TORNADO DDT OF DOOM, but you can’t do that to a Fuego and Cody shoves him off. Diving reverses DDT (that wasn’t set up like Cross Rhodes, no way), and hot tag Fuego who gets some headbutts. Comoroto sent to the floor after a Flair Flip (!!), and Fuego with a step-up double-stomp for two on Solo. Comoroto with a Polish Hammer to Fuego and he dumps Cody back out, but Fuego leaps over Comoroto and gives Solo Cross Rhodes for two, Comoroto saves (by shoving Cody onto the pile).

Cody with a step-up rana on Comoroto, but Comoroto lifs Fuego up with one hand… allowing Cody a SUPERKICK and Fuego a DDT to send Comoroto packing. TORNADO DDT OF DEATH (bouncing off of Cody to deliver it) wins at 7:57. Taz: “And you thought the Ding Dongs were great back in the day?” Excalibur and Taz playing dumb was a total highlight. **1/2

Inner Circle (TNT Champion Sammy Guevara (8-1) and Jake Hager (2-1)) vs. Koko Lane and Luke Langley (debut). Holy cow Sammy’s crazy over. The 10-man street fight is going to be hilarious.

Sammy and Langley start. Langley with a go-behind and forearm shiver and he poses, but Guevara wasn’t hurt and chops Langley HARD. Sammy backflips instead of leapfrogs and gets a dropkick and kip-up, and Hager in with a chop block. Lane grabs Hager, who knocks him off the apron, but it allows Langley some shots as Lane comes in for a double-team. Lane with some chokes, and Langley tries to keep Hager in the corner. Eventually, Hager fights off both guys, but Lane and Langley recover only to get run over with clotheslines. Sammy in to beat up Lane and get a back bodydrop, and Langley runs into a SPINEBUSTER. Gamengiri to Lane, then a double-jump cutter. Hager tagged in, and he squishes Langley before giving Lane the Hager Bomb. Swanton from Sammy wins at 2:42.

But before they can celebrate, Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky jump Smamy from behind and double-team Hager. Santana and Ortiz are right on their tails and they clear the ring for the Inner Circle. No American Top Team to be found. Gains a bit for the post-match angle. 3/4*

Best Friends (Chuck Taylor, Orange Cassidy (#5 men), and Wheeler Yuta) (w/Kris Statlander) (7-1)vs. Darian Bengston, Davey Vega, and Camaro Jackson (first time teaming). This crowd is amped tonight and I love it. Vega is a tag specialist in the Midwest.

Orange (with taped ribs) and Vega start. We get HANDS IN POCKETS, and Orange tanks a chop from Vega before saying screw it and bringing in Yuta. Yuta with a single-leg and they criss-cross, ending with Yuta getting a lucha armdrag. He goes over/under/through for the dropkick, but Vega goes to the eyes and gets a suplex. Bengston in, and he gets a spinning uppercut and brings in Camaro. Camaro hooks a suplex on Yuta, getting a deep Hindu squat in the stall for a nice ovation. Bengston in and the others clear the Best Friends off the apron, but Yuta cuts off Bengston and Camaro and dives off the top with a missile dropkick to both.

Taylor in, and he gets a rising knee on Camaro to set up a Sole Food/German combo to Vega. Yuta dives onto Vega and Camaro with a tope con hilo, and Taylor with Awful Waffle on Bengston. NOW Orange is recovered and wants to add the coup de grace with the Orange Punch, but Bengston is out cold so Orange just pins him at 3:10. Orange nails the Orange Punch to Vega post-match (he had it coming), and we HUG IT OUT. 3/4*

Frankie Kazarian (30-6) vs. Dante Martin (w/Lio Rush) (19-7). I wonder – did Darius suffer a setback in his rehab or is this setting up for him to return and ask Dante why he’s with Lio? This looks like a total styles clash, but Taz is confident this will work out. Styles make fights, you know.

Code of Honor to start. Kazarian with a waistlock takedown into a front facelock, but Martin reverses to a hammerlock. Kazarian with an ankle pick, but Martin kicks him away and they both kip up. Kazarian tries a fireman’s carry, but Martin lands on his feet and they criss-cross, ending with Martin being shoved off of a wheelbarrow rana before getting a springboard crossbody and armdrags. Kazarian blocks a keylock and corners Martin before chopping him, as Kazarian will play the subtle heel.

Kazarian misses a charge, but he reverses an armdrag into an armbar. Martin armdrags out, but Kazarian fakes him out on another try and gets an Oklahoma Roll for two. Now Kazarian with an armdrag and lock, wrenching the arm and slowing it down. Martin flips out of it and tries to reverse, but Kazarian hangs on. Martin with a VERY high-altitude sunset flip for two off the ropes, then a pair of dropkicks. Over-the-top snapmare out of the corner by Martin, then a headscissors and Rolling Thunder for two.

Kazarian suckers Martin into trying another sunset flip, but he goes flat and Martin splats. Springboard legdrop by Kazarian gets two. Blind charge misses, though, but Kazarian slingshots Martin back in with a cutter for two. Martin leaps over Kazarian but runs into a Steinerline. Crossface Chickenwing is tries, but Martin backs Kazarian to the corner to escape. Osaka Stunner is blocked into the CFCW, but Lio Rush grabs Kazarian’s boot to heel heat. Martin escapes a blind charge and gets the double-jump moonsault to win at 5:37. I wonder if Martin knew what Lio Rush did – commentary doesn’t think so. **1/2 Kazarian tries to tell Martin what happened, but Lio Rush denies it and Martin isn’t sure who to believe.

Emi Sakura (8-2), Jamie Hayter (4-2), and Rebel (0-2) (w/Lulu Pencil and Mei Suruga) vs. Ryo Mizunami, Kris Statlander (#5 women), and Thunder Rosa (#3 women) (first time teaming). Whew, did I get everyone? Excalibur jokes that she looks like Mei St.-Michel, which I think is a Choco Pro reference. Taz says sometimes names change in different places. Excalibur: “Like an extra Z?” Taz: “Don’t.” Faces enter all at once, while Sakura entered by herself apart from Hayter and Rebel. No points for guessing who’s most likely to job here.

Rosa and Rebel start (after a fake-out from Hayter). Rebel gets in Rosa’s face and slaps her, so Rosa returns fire and gets armdrags. She keeps hold of the arm, but Rebel uses her leg to break it and takes the hair. Sakura in, but Rosa races over to get in Mizunami. Mizunami with Kobashi chops in the corner, including the exclamation point. Sakura stops a slam and gets an inverted DDT, and she’s ready for the We Will Rock You corner spear and group pose. Romero Special follows, then a stomp to the back as Hayter comes in.

She suplexes Mizunami, tossing her into the corner and bringing in Rebel. Rebel splashes Mizunami in the corner, then gets a snapmare and cartwheel into a neckbreaker for two. Rebel to the front facelock as they do the tag tease, but Rebel knocks Rosa off the apron. Statlander returns fire and Mizunami with a back body drop, but Sakura cuts off the hot tag only to get speared. Now we get the tag to Statlander, who cleans house. Roundhouse enzuigiri to Rebel, and Statlander tosses Sakura onto Rebel and Hayter onto the pile.

Rosa in, and EVERYBODY INTO THE POOL as the faces clock the heels in different corners. Rosa misses Sakura with a shotgun dropkick, though, and Sakura gives Statlander the butterfly backbreaker. Uranage backbreaker by Hayter to Mizunami, but Statlander gets a Blue Thunder Bomb to her. Rebel (she’s legal) gets a suplex throw into the turnbuckle on Statlander, but Rosa (she’s legal too) is back in with a shotgun dropkick and Fire Thunder Driver to win at 5:02. Heels attack after the bell, but Ruby Soho arrives and cleans house with a pipe, nearly hitting Statlander in the excitement. Cooler heads prevail, though, and Soho offers peace and leaves the ring to the winners. Fun trios match. Rebel didn’t drag this down AT ALL. **1/4

2point0 (Matt Lee and Jeff Parker) (7-2) vs. Matt Sydal (12-8) and Lee Moriarty (0-4) (w/Mike Sydal). Moriarty would get his first win tonight. There’s an upcoming tag match of Rush/Martin vs Sydal/Moriarty – later confirmed it’s on Dynamite – which explains this match. The Sydals are from Saint Louis and get the hometown pop. Taz, who knew Evan Bourne but not Matt Sydal, is stunned he’s from St. Louis.

Sydal and Lee start. Lee with a quick kick and slam to start, but Sydal escapes a second one and gets an armdrag. Leg trip on a caught kick by Sydal sets up the standing mariposa for one. Moriarty in, and he kicks the arm of Lee before holding it. Parker in, and he armdrags Moriarty (Lee’s arm keeps him from celebrating). Lee back in, but Moriarty jumps over Parker to give Lee a kneelift. Moriarty kicks off Parker, but Lee gives him a Northern Lights into the turnbuckles for two. Parker in with a fistdrop, and he slugs Moriarty.

Rear choke around the top rope, then Parker boxes Moriarty. Lee back in, and he gets a backbreaker for two. We HIT THE CHINLOCK, and Parker comes in as they isolate Moriarty with a suplex for two. Moriarty boots his way out of the 2point0 corner, but Parker tackles Moriarty to cut off the hot tag. Moriarty nearly gets it on a second try, with Parker clinging to his ankle and Lee clinging to Parker’s, but Moriarty escapes and it’s hot tag Sydal. He kicks Lee into a spinning sole kick, then gives Parker a leg lariat. Moriarty gets double-knees on Parker in the corner, and Sydal adds one of his own at full speed.

Sydal goes up, and the Meteora to Parker gets two, Lee saves. 2Point0 with a double suplex try, but Moriarty catches Sydal and helps him rana Lee. Moriarty dives onto Lee, and Sydal escapes a suplex to get a rising knee, enzuigiri, and Lightning Spiral to win at 5:33. FIRST WIN ALERT! For Moriarty, not Sydal. Absolute chaos in the finish. ** Post-celebration, Lio Rush and Dante Martin come out to applaud their opponents and stare them down. Well, Rush does. Martin doesn’t seem too into this.

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Nyla Rose (#4 women, 22-5) vs. Tootie Lynn (0-1). Aw, man, and Lynn looked so good against Riho – why sacrifice her like this? Thank heaven for small favors – no Vickie Guerrero. Nyla faces Hikaru Shida in the quarterfinals of the TBS tournament. Taz calls it a tossup.

Tootie has her fans – she’s the local gal – as the bell rings. She ducks under a lockup and poses for martial arts with Nyla, who just grabs her hair. Tootie escapes and uses martial arts strikes to disorient Nyla, but she runs into a Vader attack. Nyla picks her up by the throat and shoves her into the corner, getting an avalanche. Cannonball follows, but Nyla picks Lynn up at two. Samoan Drop and she hangs Lynn on the top rope, and the guillotine knee strike ends it at 1:56. And no Vickie is just a bonus.

Andrade El Idolo (3-2) vs. Warhorse (0-1). Remember when the indie wrestling fans asked Warhorse to get a TNT match during Cody’s open challenge era? Well, he’s back for another run. What the HECK is up with Andrade’s mask? The entrance costume is really cool, I’ll give it that. There is, though, a chance the entrance lasts longer than the music. AEW fans remember Warhorse – he gets a very nice ovation. (Excalibur brings up the first match.)

Andrade stalls to start, sending Jose in to circle with Warhorse… and Andrade attacks from behind. He stomps Warhorse in the corner, then gets a Hammer Throw and blocks a boot block to slug Warhorse down. Andrade puts him up top and chops him, but Warhorse blocks the superplex and headbutts him down. Missile dropkick try is caught by Andrade into a powerbomb, and Hammerlock DDT wins in 1:47. LAME.

Team Taz (FTW Champion Ricky Starks (7-1) and Powerhouse Hobbs (18-4) w/Hook) vs. Dark Order (Alan Angels and Preston Vance) (4-1). So normally, wrestling tropes say that two singles wrestlers will struggle against a tag team, but Starks and Hobbs are stablemates so I don’t know if that applies. I think it’s the Heenan Exception. Interestingly, Stu Grayson and John Silver have not appeared tonight (okay, Silver was facing Adam Cole during this taping).

Vance and Starks start. Starks gets a shot from behind with Hobbs’ help, but Vance tanks it and returns fire. Shoulderblock by Vance and he tosses Starks into the corner to land body blows. Ten punch countalong by Vance, then a fallaway slam. Angels in, and he gets an assisted headscissors on Starks. Five-punch countalong by Angels, then a tilt-a-whirl Russian legsweep for one. Starks backs Angels into the Team Taz corner, and Hobbs is in to work him over. Angels, not Starks. Angels tries to fight out with calf kicks, sticking and moving on Hobbs, and a dropkick to the knee works.

A second dropkick rocks Hobbs, but Hobbs refuses an Irish Whip and throws Angels. Blind charge eats boot, though, but Angels runs into a lariat. Stalling suplex by Hobbs, with a spin, and Starks is tagged in to add a fist to the ribs. Starks with a back elbow for one. Slam by Starks, and he brings in Hobbs to stomp away. Hobbs with an uppercut as Starks talks to the camera. Angels tries to fight back, but he runs into a Vader shot. Starks back in, but Angels gets a sunset flip for two. Starks keeps himself between Angels and Vance, but Angels flips over Starks and gets the hot tag anyway.

Vance runs everyone over and gives them both pump kicks in the corner, and Starks is dumped. SPINEBUSTER to Hobbs, but the full nelson can’t be fully locked in before Starks attacks. Vance tries to give Starks a powerbomb, but Starks escapes and Hobbs returns the SPINEBUSTER to Vance for two, Angels saves. Starks spears Angels, but Vance with a right to Starks. Starks dumps Vance to the floor and checks on Hobbs, but Vance elbows out of a German suplex and Angels is in. Hobbs meets him and pummels him, and the Strongest Slam gets Starks the pin at 7:11. Oh man, this was NOT as good as it should’ve been. Lots of missed timing and a lack of chemistry by Team Taz. *

Tay Conti (w/Anna Jay) (next challenger, 29-4) vs. Miranda Gordy (debut). Yes, Gordy, as in Terry’s daughter. I realize the popular feeling is to give Thunder Rosa the win, but given Conti’s connection to the Dark Order like Hangman’s… the temptation has to be there. Gordy is even announced as being from Badstreet, Atlanta G-A.

Conti forearms Gordy to start out of the lockup, then blasts away in the corner before getting a series of pump kicks. DDTay ends it at 37.3 seconds. Didn’t see that coming.

Wardlow (w/Shawn Spears) (18-3) vs. Ryan Mantell (0-3). We’re just burning through the kills at this point. Mantell may have faced Wardlow before, I don’t remember.

Wardlow tosses down Mantell to start. Mantell gets a headlock, but the shoulderblock goes nowhere. Wardlow backs Mantell into the corner and smacks him with uppercuts, then it’s a powerbomb mid-ring. Casualty of War ends this in a KO at 55.1 seconds. Shawn Spears gives Mantell a Death Valley Driver for good measure. While still eating his apple for a snack.

QT Marshall (23-8) vs. Darby Allin (27-3). But first, Marshall cuts off Justin Roberts. He tells Sting off for a post-match attack from Dynamite, but just like Sting and Allin are friends, Marshall is friends with MJF. MJF is the one who suggested Marshall soften up Allin. Marshall says he’ll do one better and make sure he never gets to Full Gear. Allin is insanely over.

Allin tosses his jacket at Marshall before the bell and gets a huge Darby chant. Allin dodges Marshall to start before getting a waistlock. Marshall breaks it, then wants a Test of Strength as the crowd chants more. Allin goes straight to a headlock, then lands a flying tackle. Allin with a sky high lucha armdrag and he dropkicks Marshall’s knee to send him into the ropes. He vaults over Marshall off the ropes, but Marshall gets a clothesline to stop Allin cold.

Ground and pound by Marshall, then a stalling suplex, but Allin knees out of it and clips the leg. He slaps Marshall around, but Marshall catches him and chops him flat. Suplex is completed for two. Blind charge eats boots, and Allin launches himself into the corner only to be caught. Allin escapes the suplex, but Marshall with a corner clothesline and launch overhead suplex. Marshall goes up, and the diving headbutt gets two.

Why are people still doing diving headbutts?

Allin kicks away on Marshall, who catches him for an alley-oop bomb try. Allin flips onto the apron and goes up, getting a shotgun dropkick to send Marshall to the outside. Darby with a tope suicida to Marshall, and back in, Code Red gets a close two. Allin goes up, and the Coffin Drop ends it at 4:59. Good styles clash. *3/4

Hardy Family Office (Matt Hardy (18-9), Isaiah Kassidy (21-13), and The Blade (19-9)) vs. Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy Perry and Luchasaurus) (no chyron, advertise Full Gear instead) and Christian Cage (7-1). Remember what I said way back in the opener about how Dark Order didn’t have duos in their trio? Same here. You wouldn’t think Cage and Express would have the chemistry advantage, but they just might. This crowd is hot for just about everyone, and they’re singing along to “Tarzan Boy”. As does Taz.

Perry and Kassidy start. Headlock by Perry, but Kassidy reverses. Kassidy cartwheels over Perry and they criss-cross, with Kassidy ducking a kick and getting a rana. Charge eats boot, and Perry goes for the lucha armdrag only for Kassidy to cut it off. Perry goes up and over in the corner, then hooks the hands and gets the lucha armdrag and dropkick. Hardy in, but he wants Cage and Perry obliges. Hardy wants a quick Twist of Fate, but Cage almost turns it into the Killswitch. Cage backs Hardy into the corner and gets the ten punch countalong (with Perry talking to the ref), then adds a diving uppercut for one.

Hardy brings Blade in quickly, but Blade runs into some right hands. Cage dropkicks Hardy off the apron and dumps Kassidy, but Blade recovers with a front suplex and Punt. Blade goes ground and pound as the crowd sees where this is going and wants Luchasaurus. Kassidy in, and he kicks Cage before CLUBBERING, THEY BE CLUBBERING TONY. He sends Perry to the floor and taunts Saurus, but Cage with a small package for two. Kassidy grabs a chinlock, with Cage elbowing out, but Kassidy does more clubberin and works him over in the corner. Hardy in with the middle-rope elbowsmash for two.

Hardy then smacks Cage into every rope in the turnbuckle to DELETE him, but Cage tries to fight back. He runs into the Side Effect, though, but Hardy won’t cover. Kassidy is brought in and goes up top, but he takes way too long and the swanton bomb hits the knees (Taz was calling it all the way). Kassidy grabs the boot to stop the hot tag but it doesn’t work, and here comes Saurus to run over everybody. Flapjack drop to Kassidy, and he corners all three guys for running corner attacks all around. He goozles both Blade and Kassidy, but Hardy chops Saurus and it’s a triple-team. Twist of Fate try by Hardy, but Saurus escapes and lands the Tailwhip. Now Kassidy and Blade get the chokeslams, and Saurus covers Blade for two.

Perry tagged in (while holding the tag rope), but Blade escapes the ELE and cuts off both men with boots. Suplex to Perry sends him into the corner, but Saurus headbutts Blade. Hardy with the Twist of Fate to Saurus, and Cage with the Killswitch to Hardy. Kassidy with a diving Stunner to Cage and he tries to dump Perry, but Perry comes back with the lariat. Blade wants a suplex, but Perry cradles him for two, keeps a hold of the leg, and latches on the Snare Trap to win at 8:53. Hot match with a hotter finish. ***


  1. PAC over Dax Harwood, but the Pinnacle beats down the Death Triangle afterwards. Pac vs Spears is made for Rampage.
  2. Added match: Jade Cargill over KiLynn King (as Cargill is facing Red Velvet in the TBS Tournament).
  3. Dante Martin and Lio Rush over Matt Sydal and Lee Moriarty when Rush gets a handful of tights while pinning Moriarty.
  4. It’s revealed at the contract signing that Kenny Omega had a clause that banned the Dark Order from ringside, but Adam Page – no stranger to contract shenanigans – had it changed to “everyone”, Don Callis included.
  5. Britt Baker, Rebel, and Jamie Hayter steal one from Tay Conti, Anna Jay, and Thunder Rosa after Baker smacks Jay with the title belt.
  6. Bryan Danielson over Rocky Romero.


BELL-TO-BELL – 65:30 over fifteen matches (average time 4:22)

MATCH OF THE NIGHT – The trios main event


  1. Luchasaurus
  2. Fuego Del Sol
  3. Dante Martin
  4. Kris Statlander
  5. Lee Moriarty (FIRST WIN)

This was two good Dark shows in one.