What the World Was Watching: WWF Wrestling Challenge – August 5, 1990

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan are in the booth for a new round of television tapings in Des Moines, Iowa.  According to thehistoryofwwe.com, these tapings took place on July 17.

Opening Contest:  The Big Bossman (19-1) pins Al Burke after the Bossman Slam at 1:14:

In the split screen, the Bossman discusses how he told WWF President Jack Tunney that he could handle the Jake Roberts-Bad News Brown match at SummerSlam.  Burke goes up well for the finish, making the Bossman Slam look more devastating.

Ted DiBiase’s squash from Prime Time Wrestling is shown.

The Hart Foundation’s squash from Prime Time Wrestling airs.

Gene Okerlund does the SummerSlam Report.  Earthquake tells Jimmy Hart not to worry about the recent fire Hulk Hogan is showing because he is going to run him over and put him on a stretcher.  In response, Hogan talks about how he and Tugboat dived to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and wrestled for twelve hours to prepare for Hogan’s match against Earthquake.  Tugboat tries to give Hogan a pep talks but since he lacks an ounce of Hogan’s charisma it comes off as fake and unconvincing.  Rick Rude hangs upside down on a steel cage, while Bobby Heenan hypes the SummerSlam title match with the Ultimate Warrior.  Rude says that elements are coming together for a title win, promising to turn the Warrior’s life upside down.  The Warrior rebuts by saying that he and his fans do not know what containment or limitations are.  He promises to be out of control when he faces Rude on August 27.

Okerlund interviews Dusty Rhodes and Sapphire, and Sapphire is wearing the recent gifts she has received.  Sapphire promises that Sensational Sherri is going to eat a fist at SummerSlam, while Rhodes says that he is happy about Sapphire’s benefactor.  Rhodes yells about wanting to get satisfaction at the expense of Randy Savage in Philadelphia.

The Texas Tornado (1-0) pins the Brooklyn Brawler (1-10) after the discus punch at 1:55:

Kerry Von Erich struggles to get out of his entrance gear before the match.  Like Saturday Night’s Main Event, the Tornado shows off very little offense.  In a weird moment, he slams the Brawler and poses like he did something extraordinary.  Despite these difficulties, the Tornado is getting a good reaction from crowds

A replay of Sergeant Slaughter’s vignette on Superstars airs.

The Legion of Doom (2-0) defeat Tom Bennett & Buddy Rose when Hawk pins Bennett after the Doomsday Device at 1:16:

WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition do an insert promo about how they will be happy to give the Legion an attitude adjustment after they take care of the Hart Foundation at SummerSlam.  Rose must have taken pointers from Black Bart as he does not involve himself in the match, letting Bennett get destroyed with all of the Legion’s power moves.

The Orient Express’ squash from Prime Time Wrestling is shown.

Tune in net week to see the Rockers, Rick Rude, the Texas Tornado, Earthquake, and Hacksaw Jim Duggan in action!

The Last Word:  Tugboat is so bad in his promo segments with Hulk Hogan that the company should have turned him heel and portrayed him as a con artist.  It would have worked better than trying to force him into a main event angle with a gimmick that children would have had a hard time rooting for.  This show just featured some new promos for SummerSlam, so it was skippable viewing.

East Rutherford, New Jersey – The Meadowlands – July 30, 1990 (8,000):  A match scheduled to feature Hillbilly Jim against Rick Martel did not take place…Haku pinned Jim Brunzell…The Brooklyn Brawler beat Barry O…Koko B. Ware pinned the Genius…Dustin Rhodes defeated Buddy Rose…WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition defeated the Hart Foundation after Crush interfered by clotheslining Bret Hart…Tito Santana defeated Intercontinental Champion Mr. Perfect via disqualification after the champion pulled the referee in front of him when Santana tried the flying forearm…Tugboat & Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeated Dino Bravo & Earthquake when Duggan pinned Bravo after hitting him with a 2×4.

Rochester, New York – The War Memorial – August 3, 1990 (3,000):  Jim Brunzell pinned Buddy Rose…Koko B. Ware beat the Genius…Paul Roma defeated Barry O…Rhythm & Blues beat the Bushwhackers…Jimmy Snuka beat the Barbarian via disqualification after the Barbarian shoved the referee…Tugboat pinned Earthquake after Hacksaw Jim Duggan hit Earthquake with a 2×4.  Afterward, Earthquake hit Tugboat with Jimmy Hart’s megaphone.

Indianapolis, Indiana – Market Square Arena – August 4, 1990:  Black Bart pinned Jim Powers…Akeem pinned Pez Whatley…The Warlord defeated Tito Santana…Nikolai Volkoff pinned Boris Zhukov…WWF Tag Team Champions Smash & Crush defeated the Hart Foundation after Ax interfered by clotheslining Bret Hart…Jake Roberts pinned Bad News Brown after the DDT…Dusty Rhodes & Sapphire (w/Miss Elizabeth) defeated Randy Savage & Sensational Sherri (w/Brother Love).

Atlanta, Georgia – The Omni – August 5, 1990 (2,000):  Hercules pinned Dustin Rhodes…Shane Douglas wrestled the Brooklyn Brawler to a draw…Ronnie Garvin defeated Bob Bradley…The Ultimate Warrior & the Texas Tornado defeated Rick Rude & Mr. Perfect when the Warrior pinned Perfect…Tony Atlas defeated Haku…Marty Jannetty beat Pat Tanaka…The Big Bossman defeated Ted DiBiase.

Backstage News*:        In another bad sign for the Ultimate Warrior’s title run, ticket sales are poor for his tag team main events against Rick Rude and Mr. Perfect while a series of rematches after SummerSlam between Hulk Hogan and Earthquake are already selling out.

*On August 3, the WWF ran against the USWA in Dallas, Texas.  The USWA drew 1,750 fans to the Sportatorium, while the WWF show, headlined by the tag match between the Ultimate Warrior & Kerry Von Erich against Rude & Perfect only drew 3,000 fans to Reunion Arena and cost the company money.  However, the WWF did get the USWA’s timeslot on KTVT in Dallas.

*Roddy Piper will become Jesse Ventura’s replacement in late August, surprising some observers who thought it might be Bobby Heenan.  There are those that doubt Piper will be around long because he has a contentious working relationship with Vince McMahon.

*The WWF is planning to run a show at the Rosemont Horizon in Chicago on the evening of October 27, the same night that WCW is holding Halloween Havoc ’89 in the same town.

*Shane Douglas was forced into a draw with the Brooklyn Brawler as a test for whether he would be a good soldier in the company.

*In talent relations news, there are rumors that Antonio Inoki has made offers to Bad News Brown and Haku to work for him.  Brown is said to be mulling the offer because he is not happy with how he is being booked.

*Backstage news is provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for August 13.

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