AEW ELEVATION: November 8, 2021

The PG Era Rant for AEW Elevation: Episode 36 (“Let’s Hope He’s Recovered from Jeff Cobb”), November 8, 2021.

From Kansas City, MO.

Your hosts are Excalibur (a one-off substitute), Paul Wight, and Mark Henry.

TONIGHT! Wheeler Yuta teams with best friend Chuck Taylor to take on the Butcher and the Blade! Nyla Rose and Emi Sakura team again, this time against Ryo Mizunami and Ruby Soho! And in an eight-man tag, it’s The Acclaimed and 2point0 teaming up to face Uno, Stu, Reynolds, and Silver of the Dark Order!

PLUS – Riho, Matt Hardy, and Powerhouse Hobbs!

Opening match: Powerhouse Hobbs (w/Hook) (17-4) vs. Danny Adams (debut). Or, as the latter is known on the independent scene, “Dan the Dad”. So I don’t anticipate this lasting long. Adams has the look, too, so much so that Wight and Henry joke he is Schiavone.

Hobbs throws Adams down to start, nearly knocking his glasses off (Adams puts them back on). Adams fires off on Hobbs, who tanks them and crushes Adams in the corner. Hobbs puts Adams up on top and clubs him into a gooey paste, knocking him off with a kneelift. Town Bidness, but Hobbs pulls him up at two. Torture Rack gets a submission instead at 1:39. I’d say this was completely unnecessary violence, but he’s a heel so of course it was. Hook steps on Adams on the way to raising Hobbs’ hand.

The Butcher and The Blade (w/The Bunny) (7-1) vs. Chuck Taylor (20-9) and Wheeler Yuta (13-9). That reminds me, if you didn’t get the chance to read my recap of the Beyond show yesterday, check out Yuta’s effort against Jeff Cobb. An incredible mix of styles with a twist of big/little. Meanwhile on Elevation, Blade knocks over the cameraman on a fake-out. Best Friends have new merch.

Taylor and Blade start. Blade with a quick gut kick and he works over Taylor in the corner, then hits a shoulderblock. Taylor comes back with armdrags and a lock, and Yuta enters for a double back elbow and handshake elbowdrop. It gets one. Blade goes to the eyes, and Butcher works the arm as he comes in. Yuta tries to roll out of it, but Butcher runs him over. Wheeler pops up with a dropkick, and he follows with the over/under/through dropkick. Taylor back in, and Best Friends get a double suplex. Butcher refuses an Irish whip and catches Taylor coming in with a crossbody. Blade in, and he gets a knee choke on a seated Taylor (with Butcher adding some choking behind the ref’s back).

Clothesline by Blade, and Butcher comes in as they get a side suplex/legdrop combo for two. Butcher knocks Yuta off the apron, then chops Taylor hard before bringing in Blade. Taylor tries to fight back, but Blade whips him into the ropes and gets a hard back elbow. He dumps Taylor and follows, getting a chair from under the ring, but the referee jumps out to pull it away. Everyone yells at the ref, so Butcher runs over Taylor on the outside. Back in, Blade with a lariat for two. Blade toys with Taylor, then snapmares him and we HIT THE CHINLOCK.

Taylor fights out, getting Sole Food out of nowhere to bring Yuta in. Crossbody to Blade, then a spinning headbutt (done with his hands) and German suplex. Another German to Butcher, then Taylor in as Yuta dives off the top onto Butcher. Falcon Arrow by Taylor gets two. Rising knee by Taylor off a charge, and Yuta with the big splash for two, Butcher saves. Taylor tosses Butcher out and follows, but Bunny shoves Butcher away and Taylor splats on a slingshot plancha. Butcher then drapes Yuta on the ropes, and Blade gets That’s Incredible on Yuta. Drag the Lake ends it at 7:18. If only Kris Statlander had been there. **1/4

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Riho (7-2) vs. Tootie Lynn (debut). Riho appears to have inherited Bayley’s place as “wrestler most likely to be everyone’s little sister”. Of course, I was looking down at my keyboard and missed Riho’s record, but that’s why we have search bars and replays. Lynn is a black belt in some martial art.

Lynn shows it by opening with a roundhouse, but Riho ducks and gets a headlock. Elbowsmash by Lynn gets two, but Riho bridges out only to miss a dropkick. Palm strikes from Lynn, but Riho cartwheel kicks a clothesline attempt and trips Lynn into the ropes. Area Code Kick connects for two. Lynn with a set of forearms, blocking Riho’s shots in between, then she floors Riho with a SUPERKICK for two. Blind charge misses, and Riho with a running knee in the corner. She goes up, but the double stomp misses. Riho recovers with a full nelson, but Lynn reverses only for Riho t roll through and get the foot stomp. Northern Lights gets two. Back up top, and the flying double stomp connects to win at 2:42. Lynn looked all right in her offense. 3/4*

Matt Hardy (25-12) vs. Dean Alexander (0-4). As wrestlers go, Hardy makes a good manager. I don’t know why he keeps getting to wrestle given how beaten up he is. Thankfully, Hardy comes out alone for this one. Alexander is coming back home to Kansas City. BUT FIRST – Matt has the mic. He lets Alexander introduce himself, then says Dean doesn’t know who Big Money Matt Hardy is. And after the match tonight, he will make Alexander say his name with reverence.

Lockup, and Alexander puts Matt in the corner. Matt with a cheap shot and a headlock, then he runs over Alexander before sending him into the turnbuckle over and over. Shoulder shots in the corner, then some forearms. Alexander fights back, only for Matt to cut him off and go back to the headlock. Alexander clotheslines Hardy to block a hiptoss, then a hip attack in the corner. Hardy sends Alexander to the apron, then to the post and floor (Wight: “What a bump!”). On the outside, Hardy with elbows against the apron, then back in with a catapult guillotine.

Alexander tries to fight back, but Matt with a sleeper. Alexander elbows out and fires off with rights, then it’s a torture rack neckbreaker as the crowd smells an upset. Alexander goes up, but Hardy chases him down and crotches him. Hardy follows, and after a few headbutts, Hardy gets a superplex. Leech ends it at 3:41. At least Alexander wasn’t made to say his name. *1/4

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Nyla Rose (w/Vickie Guerrero) (#4 women, 22-5) and Emi Sakura (w/Lulu Pencil and Mei Suruga) (8-2) vs. Ryo Mizunami (11-4) and Ruby Soho (5-1). One good thing about these tag matches: no microphone for Vickie. Nyla vs Shida is a quarterfinal in the TBS Tournament, as is Soho vs Statlander. Suruga is here from TJPW and just part of the entourage. I doubt we’re supposed to recognize her from the Japan bracket of the eliminator. Sound mostly goes out during the face intros, though we still hear the announcers like it’s a radio broadcast.

Mizunami and Nyla slug it out right off the bell, with Nyla going clubbering to get the edge. Slam by Nyla and Sakura in (as the audio’s back), and Nyla lifts Sakura up to dropkick Mizunami. Sakura with the butterfly backbreaker try, but Mizunami backdrops out and in comes Soho to a huge pop. Elbow to the back of the head and she tries to slam Sakura, but Sakura reverses with a Twist of Fate. Corner spear follows and the Court all pose for the camera (although Pencil gets shoved aside), and Nyla comes in only for Soho to chop in desperation. Vickie distracts Soho by the ropes, meaning she walks into a SPINEBUSTER for two.

Powerbomb try, but Soho with a sunset flip try, but Nyla lifts her up, BUT Soho rolls through and it’s the tag to Mizunami. Heels come in without a tag, but Mizunami runs them together and spears Nyla. Soho and Mizunami exchange shots on Nyla, ending with Mizunami tossing Soho into a spear on Nyla. Mizunami becomes legal again, and she clubs down Nyla only to get flattened with a clothesline. But Mizunami pops up and goes back on the attack, only for a Regal cutter from Nyla.

Nyla goes up top, but the Swanton Bomb misses and Soho’s back in for the real hot tag. Sakura blocks a kick, but Soho escapes the Queens’ Gambit and gets a cradle for two. Soho with a roundhouse kick, but Suruga trips Soho and Sakura gets La Majistral for two. Backslide by Soho gets two. No Future (Riott Kick) wins at 4:50. Soho needs an offensive sequence to build to that moment.

BUT WAIT! Nyla pulls Mizunami out and the Court get in Soho’s face, but she shoves them both away only for Nyla to run her over from behind. Butterfly backbreaker by Sakura, but before they can do more, Kris Statlander clears the ring with a chair in order to protect her opponent in the tournament. They shake, but Soho won’t let go just so they can have the staredown. Soho’s matches seem really disjointed in AEW. *3/4

Dynamite! The last stop to Full Gear!

Main Event: The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens and Max Caster) (#4 team, 18-4) and 2point0 (Matt Lee and Jeff Parker) (7-2) vs. Dark Order (Evil Uno (27-12), Stu Grayson (26-7), Alex Reynolds (18-11), and John Silver (17-6)) (w/Colt Cabana). But first, we rap: “Never falling off like Pat Mahomes!” “Y’all about to have a worse year than the Chiefs!” “Y’all are like the BBQ here: overrated!” Enough win/loss records in this match? Wight and Henry are mad that Caster insulted the barbecue here. They even steer into that easy joke (“Hang around us, and we’ll put some weight on you!”)

Uno offers Bowens the Code of Honor to start, but it’s rejected. Bowens with a quick ick and they bounce each other back and forth with tackles until Uno switches direction and gets the knockdown. Uno with the armlock, but they miss clotheslines and heads collide. Caster and Reynolds enter, and after checking on their teammates, Uno and Reynolds run over the Acclaimed. 2Point0 knock them down, so Stu and Silver knock THEM over.

Back to the match, as Reynolds uppercuts Caster against the ropes only to be tossed to the apron. Reynolds knocks Lee down, only for Bowens to pull him off the apron so Reynolds can be given Two For the Show on the railing. Back in, Caster gets two, Uno saves. Caster dumps Uno and goes back to Reynolds, bringing in Bowens to do some CLUBBERIN, THEY BE CLUBBERIN TONY! Lee in with a running kick and backbreaker for two. Reynolds with a sunset flip, but Parker is tagged in and breaks it up before getting a suplex for two.

We HIT THE CHINLOCK, and Caster comes in to add some axhandles once it looks like Reynolds can fight out. Bowens tags himself in and the Acclaimed try a double-whip, but Reynolds runs them together and escapes enough to get the hot tag to Stu. Crossbody to Lee and Caster, then a tope atomico to Bowens on the apron. Back in, clothesline to Caster and overhead suplex to Lee, then a roundhouse kick. Caster catches a Lionsault meant for Lee, but Stu turns it into a Tornado DDT and dropkicks Parker.

Silver in to a big pop, and as Parker sends Grayson to the floor, Silver catches Parker with a gamengiri and clears ringside. He goes up, but Parker avoids whatever and 2point0 get the assisted legdrop. Uno in to knock out Lee and slug down Parker, but Bowens SUPERKICKs Uno only to get caught with a pop-up knee from Reynolds. Two For the Show to Reynolds, but Stu with a double Pele only to be turned inside out by Caster’s lariat. Silver sends Caster outside, then he and Reynolds do their locomotion moves to Parker to set up Fatality for the win at 6:56. Man, when Dark Order get into the finish of a match, they go 90 miles an hour like the well-oiled machine they’re supposed to be. **1/2


BELL-TO-BELL – 27:06 over six matches (average time 4:31)

MATCH OF THE NIGHT – The eight-man tag


  1. John Silver
  2. Dean Alexander
  3. Riho

See you tomorrow!