The SmarK Rant for WWE NXT – 10.24.12

The SmarK Rant for WWE NXT – 10.24.12

Let’s check in with these again, in contrast to the current version of NXT, shall we?

Taped from Orlando, FL

Your hosts are Tony Luftman (?) and William Regal.

Meanwhile, Heath Slater stops by NXT and asks Dusty for a title shot at Seth Rollins.  Dusty is hesitant, but Vickie Guerrero also shows up and Big Dust books a non-title match instead in order for Heath to prove himself.

Brodus Clay v. Camacho

Interestingly, one of the dancers became the big star out of this match, which shows the most important lesson about wrestling and why watching raw trainees is never an indication of true potential.  You can prep recruits all you want and push the muscle guys to the moon, but wrestling has created stars out of valets, former referees, jobbers and managers and you never know where the next one is going to come from.  Clay pounds on Camacho in the start, but Camacho yanks him down and hits him with a dropkick to take over.  Clay throws Camacho to the floor while kicking out of a two count, so Camacho puts the moves on Naomi and Cameron, only to get chased back into the ring.  If there’s one thing Brodus Clay won’t stand for, it’s harassment of women!  Brodus with the exploder and big splash for the pin at 3:51.  Afterwards, they do a very condescending “celebration” where they bring kids into the ring and have them dancing with Clay to show how kid-friendly they are, and it’s really fake and stupid.  A really terrible opener and the crowd could not have cared less about Clay.   0 for 1.

Meanwhile, Paige is mysterious and likes it that way.  Unfortunately we now know WAY too much about her personal life.

Richie Steamboat joins Byron for an interview, and they announce that he’s not medically cleared to compete tonight.  Kassius Ohno quickly interrupts and offers Richie a towel, which he can throw in to end his career whenever he needs to.  That ended up being a shoot comment that wasn’t supposed to be a shoot comment considering Steamboat only had one more match in his career and then retired for good.  Again, you just never know.

Kassius Ohno v. Trent? Barreta

Ohno beats on Trent with chops in the corner and chokes him out, but Trent fights back with a rana and puts Ohno on the floor with a clothesline, then follows with a tope con hilo.  But then Ohno suckers him into a trip to the apron to take over.  Back in, Ohno boots him down and drops a knee on him and goes to Regal’s favorite move, the CRAVAT.  Trent escapes with a sunset flip, but Ohno grabs the ropes to block and drops an elbow for two.  Ohno with a facelock, but Trent fights back with chops for two.  Ohno beats him down again, but Richie Steamboat comes out with the towel and throws it at Ohno to provide the distract, which allows Trent to finish with the Daniel Bryan knee at 6:49.  Ohno selling the towel like Leslie Nielsen in Naked Gun was kind of funny but this match wasn’t really any good.  0 for 2.

Layla & Alicia Fox v. Paige & Audrey Marie

Audrey Marie could walk into AEW tomorrow and instantly fit in.  Honestly I don’t know how she never got a look on the main roster.  Paige takes Fox down with an armdrag, but Alicia gets a backbreaker for two.  Over to Audrey and Layla, as Layla does some dancing and gets a dropkick for two.  The heels work Audrey over in the corner and Fox gets a northern lights suplex for two.  Fox with a chinlock, but Audrey rolls her up for two and gets the hot tag to Paige.  Layla cuts her off right away with a springboard moonsault for two, but hits Fox by mistake and allows Paige to make the comeback.  Audrey tags herself back in while Paige is trying to finish, and Layla rolls her up for the pin at 5:11.  The babyfaces yell at each other about that, but I don’t know if anything came of it.  0 for 3.

Meanwhile, Seth Rollins is interviewed by Wish Ziggler.

Bronson v. Lincoln Broderick

Bronson is supposed to be the star because he got a quick pre-match vignette, but Broderick is built like Brickhouse Brown and looks like he should have been the one to make it.  Either way, both guys washed out of developmental soon after and left the business as far as I can tell.  Bronson clubs Broderick down and they slug it out in the corner, but Bronson sweeps the leg and finishes with a heel hook at 1:12.  0 for 4.  Bronson looked like every generic “bald guy with a beard” create-a-wrestler template and showed nothing of note here.

Antonio Cesaro joins us for an interview, back when he was US champion and getting his initial main roster push. Man that US title belt looks so much sharper than the piece of crap we have now.  So he dislikes the USA despite being the US champion, and demands that everyone stand up for the playing of the national anthem, which is then revealed to be Switzerland.  Luckily, Tyson Kidd interrupts before any other country’s anthem can be played, and he wants a shot at the US title right here in NXT!  So he buries Cesaro’s leather bag and dropkicks him out of the ring, trying to goad him into a title match, but Cesaro won’t bite.  Well they’d end up being a hell of a tag team some years later.

RAW REBOUND!  AJ Lee steps down as RAW GM and gets replaced by Vickie Guerrero for yet another heel GM storyline that went nowhere.  2012 was BRUTAL for Monday nights until the Shield completely revived the show.

Seth Rollins v. Heath Slater

Heath takes him down and celebrates while JR thankfully joins us on commentary to replace whoever the other dullard was.  Regal meanwhile dubs Heath the “silly ginger git” to lay the verbal smackdown as only he can.  Rollins jumps him with a pair of leapfrogs and throws chops to come back, but Heath hides in the ropes and gets some advice from Vickie, who is apparently managing him tonight.  Seth with the armdrags and he puts Slater on the floor with a dropkick, which again disappoints Vickie and she tells him so.  We take a break and return with Rollins hauling Slater out of the corner for two, but Slater drops him on the top rope for two.  Slater chokes him out in the corner and goes to a chinlock, but Rollins fights out, so Slater puts him down with a leg lariat for two.  They both try a bodypress and collide for a double down, but they slug it out and Rollins makes the comeback.  Rollins goes to the apron and hits Slater with an enzuigiri from out there before dumping him to the floor for a dive.  Back in with the flying knee for two.  Slater bulldogs him for two, but Seth finishes with the shiranui (standing sliced bread) at 11:20.  An OK match.  1 for 5.

Next week:  Cesaro v. Kidd for the US title, and the NXT debut of some scrub named (checks notes) “Roman Reigns”.

This was a complete nothing of a time-filling episode, sadly.  We’re getting there, though.