AWA 83

Hey Scott,

Even in 1983, Vince Sr. was loaning out Andre to Verne's association for battle royales and the odd handicap matches, I can understand the shock/blow it must have been to Verne not having that lifeline/cashgrab when VKM took over the reigns and stopped that business in a hurry.

But man, Verne had multiple chances to make shit right and steer the ship away from the icebergs thru the mid 80s. His pride/greed/hubris really got the better of him.
My question is, had he listened to Greg, would we now have a Playstation 8 or X-Box 7 out in stores now, or did Verne just lock that money maker away next to the Shamwow in his office file cabinet?

If some things were done with foresight, do you think we could have had a viable Minneapolis federation going to this day (which would be awesome). 


Nah.  The business and the overall business model just changed too much.  Verne was doomed no matter what he did.