OW! MY HOLE (WWE Career)!

So the Nia Jax release is becoming a he said/ she said situation. Who do you believe in this case:

1- The WWE saying it was due to budget cuts.

2- The NY Post saying it was because of her anti-vax stance.

3- Nia saying that she was on a mental break and the WWE wasn't going to extend her absence for her health.

4- My opinion that it is really a combo of her being a uncoperative and dangerous worker, the anti-vax stance, and the fact that they have done tons with her and she just wasn't a over or compelling enough figure to keep around.

Apparently there was also something with Charlotte that might have caused her downfall as well.  Probably a combination of stuff.  However, anyone in wrestling who is refusing to get vaccinated can be fired and never come back as far as I'm concerned and I have zero sympathy for them should that be the case.